It’s Pure Bliss!

Anna: I have a complicated relationship with my funky combination skin. One day it will look great, and the next there will be a very visible issue. A zit so large that it has its own gravitational pull will appear on my chin. My forehead will suddenly become so oily that it produces a glare that could blind a pilot. My cheeks will dry out like flaky raisins. It’s not cute. I am always on the lookout for skincare products that have the ability to combat whatever issue plagues my face at the moment. The hunt for products that are suited for my specific skin type can be frustrating. For this reason, I was immediately interested in Bliss.

Arianna: I’ve always had issues with my skin and finding things that will work for my oily-combination skin. In the winter I’m more dry and in the summer I’m like an oil slick, but I can never seem to find products that combat these issues but at the same time don’t irritate my sensitive skin. I’d always heard great things about Bliss and was often drawn to their pretty packaging in Target, but I was hesitant to try anything new because I didn’t want my skin to freak out. But, I’m willing to go on an adventure after reading up on the company.

Bliss is a skincare product and spa company that was founded by Marcia Kilgore in 1996. Kilgore began giving facials in a small three-room mini spa christened “Let’s Face It!” after taking a class about skincare at Columbia University because she too had always struggled with acne (we’re not alone ladies). The success of “Let’s Face It!” allowed Kilgore to open the first Bliss spa in SoHo three years later. Through the use of fun music, great service, and a brownie bar, Bliss garnered the attention of LVMH, who acquired the company and helped them expand to different locations. Bliss has even expanded as far as London where they have a full spa and the first QuickBliss, which is a spa service station in London that has an abbreviated menu of offered spa services for those of you who are on the go and crunched for time, but still wanna give your skin some TLC. They also have offer services in hotels all over the world, including Hong Kong!

Your local Bliss spa (Bliss Boston for all you BU readers) offers all kinds of services from facials, to waxing, to massages. The prices are reasonable given everything you get out of a visit. However, Bliss recognizes that not everyone the time and money for a spa trip. They address this by selling their products on location and online so you can replicate the spa experience at home. As college students with no time for anything we appreciate this immensely. Being able to go to Target and find 29 different high-quality products for prices as low as $8 is amazing. People often say you have to pay big money and invest in skincare, but you can find good skincare at your local drugstore thanks to Bliss! Bonus: none of their products cost more than $20 so you can buy 2 or 3 Bliss products for the same amount you’d spend on one thing at Sephora.

Photo Credit: Blissworld

These products cover every need under the sun. There are lip scrubs, masks specifically for de-stressing, moisturizers that make you smell nothing short of delicious, and even home waxing kits. Bliss built their website so that you can filter your results based on whether your skin is dry, oily combination, normal, or sensitive. I absolutely love that Bliss acknowledges that no skin type is the same. They also offer more hardcore products such as body firming creams by way of the FabGirl line and glycolic peel pads for some deep exfoliation when your skin is having a particularly rough time. They’ve built a line that is easily accessible and caters to a variety of skin types and they’ve done it all while keeping prices low. We love it.

Photo Credit: Whoboken

Another great quality of Bliss is the reason it exists. Marcia Kilgore was interested in learning more about skincare because she herself dealt with acne. Bliss’s products and treatments come from a place of genuine concern for how we as people feel about ourselves. Our skin might not always agree with us but there are things we can do to feel beautiful and poised just as we are and to ensure we’re properly taking care of our skin without having to break the bank. The care and specificity Bliss puts into everything from their products, to their spas, to their website makes every user feel valued and like there is a skin solution that is made just for them. Bliss is an innovative and considerate company that does everything in their power to make you feel confident in your own skin. 


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