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I Had My First Big "Last" of College and It's Getting Real

This past weekend, I had my first big “last” of senior year. For those of you confused either by the fact that this year should have had many other “lasts” already or are straight-up baffled by my melodrama (cue Lorde), let me break it down for you. When senior year first started, I was very excited to exist with my friends in a very energetic and tight-knit space. We were all on the same page, amped that we were all finally 21 and that the world felt like our oyster again.

I’d be lying if I said that things were super normal and felt like any other year, but… it kind of did feel very normal. A very dreamy version of normal to be precise. Every night out, dinner in, brunch together, club meeting, etc. felt like it was straight out of a movie. Most of last semester felt really endless, like we were drinking from the same metaphorical fountain of youth. There was no expiration date in sight. 

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But, as I mentioned, this weekend I had my first big “last” with my friends. And I have to admit that it hurt pretty badly. It didn’t hit me for hours, which is good because I felt really present and in the moment, but oh man, did it hit. It’s like my college experience surrounding this one event flashed before my eyes, and I finally reached an end to something I never predicted ending. Okay, I knew that there would be an end but I didn’t expect it to be as impactful as it is. 

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I replayed my interactions with people I had practically grown up with through this event, and while it made me happy to know how brave and bold we’ve all become, the realization that I may never interact with them in the same way sucked. Unless it was for nostalgia’s sake, this was the last. My first big “last.” The beginning of this very sad, hard to think about finale for this big, crazy, magical, beautiful time that has been college. 

Experiencing my first big “last” of my college career was not the happiest thing, I won’t lie. But, despite how sad I am to end this wild ride, I know that my last few days are gonna be ones to remember. 


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