I Decided to Go to Law School on a Complete Whim

Law school isn’t something I ever thought I’d be interested in. Sure, my favorite show at the moment is How to Get Away With Murder, I’ve interned for a law firm and was a legal assistant to a criminal defense lawyer, but I always thought of my interest in law as just a hobby, not a profession. 

I’m a creative but logical person and though I’m an ‘English person’ and definitely not a ‘math person,’ I fall almost perfectly in the middle of the spectrum of right and left-brained. I’m better at predicting fashion trends and marketing strategies than even attempting to calculate whatever a P-hat is in statistics or draw a histogram for something boring like car sales, or worse, actual math problems. Luckily for me, law school is more about logical reasoning, argumentation, and reading than anything math-related. 

Sweet Home Alabama Reese Witherspoon Touchstone Pictures Original Film Elle Woods once said, “What, like it’s hard?” and these are the four words that have been reeling in my brain since early May when, on a complete whim at the suspicious hour of three o’clock in the morning, I decided that maybe, just maybe, I really could go to law school. 

Did I take a couple of Buzzfeed quizzes to see if I could ‘cut it’ in law? Yes. But did I also do actual research on it and find out if it was something that I was genuinely interested in? Also yes.

My point is, Elle Woods is my biggest inspiration at this point. I mean, I’m from Los Angeles, in a sorority, and love fashion, but there’s more to me than that. Formulating — and winning —  arguments is one of my strong suits. And don’t even get me started on my methods of persuasion. Three words: I always win. 

As a journalism major, we learn about the law in a variety of ways. Here at Boston University, part of the curriculum is even to take the Law and Ethics of Journalism. But that's not all. Journalism is a variation of law, in my opinion. We expose law and policymakers on a daily basis and uphold them to the highest standards of the truth. Understanding the law we write about makes for stronger and more accurate journalism. I’ve had more heated political and ethical debates in my COM 201 class than I ever did on my high school debate team.

Back-to-school supplies, agenda Alexa Williams So, before you start making presumptions about me that I’m just a dumb sorority girl who wants to star in a revival film of Legally Blonde titled “Legally Brunette with Balayage,” you have a lack of substantial evidence, I have multiple alibis who can attest to my sharp mindset and skills, and I’ve already taken three practice Law School Admission Test exams and, not to toot my own horn, have scored exceptionally well on them. 

And yes, I will be dressing like Elle Woods when I show up to ace my LSAT. See you in the courts, sweetie. 

Case closed.

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