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How to Stay Happy and Motivated While Stuck at Home

During the quarantine due to COVID-19, I am sure you have been stuck inside feeling bored, sad, and wishing it were summer already. I know it can be hard spending time inside when spring and beautiful weather are just around the corner. Trust me when I say I have struggled staying happy and motivated during my time at home.

Let’s just say I want to be woken up when it’s summer, sunny, and warm outside! As I sit at home, working on my college courses online, I have to say I have become bored. I feel like my life has consisted of sleeping, eating, and school work. Luckily, I found some things to do to keep me happy and motivated!

Cleaning My Closet

Since being stuck inside, I have found it easy to want to clean my room—more specifically, my closet.

Cleaning your closet is the best way to reset order in your room. Now is a good time to reorganize and go through all the clothes you don’t need and donate them! Cleaning out your closet can help to refresh your mindset and get into a new groove. It helps my mind to feel organized, reset, and on a good path for motivation and productivity.

Give it a try! Do you really need those four white t-shirts that all look the same? 


Another way I have kept myself busy is meditation.

Not being able to go to my local yoga studio has put a downward swing in my mood. To compensate, I have started meditating at the start of my day. It’s very simple to do! Meditation can be short and sweet, or long and relaxing. It can also start your day or end your day; maybe even both!

Meditation is a great way to set your intention for the day and let go of unnecessary stress. This is especially helpful with the current status of COVID-19 and the paranoia and anxiety that weighs on society.

So find a quiet safe space, maybe near a window, grab a pillow and sit down. Close your eyes and take a moment to reflect on yourself and what’s on your mind. Get the positive energy flowing! 

Go on a Walk in My Neighborhood

A great way to stay active is going outside. Going on walks in your neighborhood is a nice way to get some fresh air and clear your mind. It is also nice to get out of the house when you have been stuck inside all day.

It’s great to disconnect from technology and social media for an hour. Go explore and get some fresh air! 

Plan My Bullet Journal

Lastly, I found that creating a bullet journal has helped me organize my life and stay focused while in quarantine. It’s fun to set goals and get a better sense of the organization of your life.

I like to set five goals at the beginning of the month and I try to reach them throughout the month. I also like to set weekly goals, usually smaller tasks like: finish my essay, make my bed every day, or even read a couple chapters in a book. Around spring time, I like to set goals for the new season as well. It allows me to start the season with good intentions and mindset.

Try setting goals for the day and see how it affects your mind and productivity! 

Being stuck inside during one of the most beautiful seasons can be hard, but make the most of it. Spring is a great time to refresh your mindset and intentions. Use this time to reflect and reconnect with yourself. COVID-19 has taken everyone by surprise and has put us in unexpected circumstances. I advise that we use this time to learn and recharge.

So start your spring cleaning early. Stay healthy and nurture your mind in a time of mass anxiety and hysteria.


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Maya is a current freshman at Boston University, class of 2023. She is studying in the College of General Studies with a major in Biology on the pre-med track, and plans to transition into the College of Arts and Sciences to continue her education. Outside of academics she enjoys dancing, working out, skincare, and shopping! She explores new places-especially coffee shops in Boston-and taking cute photos. She likes to travel around the world capturing adventures through fun videos and photos. When it comes to fashion she loves to research new trends and styles. She loves makeup and skincare. If a new makeup pallet just came out, she has it! She is passionate about meeting new people and making new friends!
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