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How to Start Your Morning Off Right

Ever hit snooze a hundred times, wake up 30 minutes before class, get ready in a rush, and totally regret it? Mornings are only as bad as you make them and if you approach mornings in a positive way, they don’t have to be terrible.

1. Actually go to sleep at a reasonable time.

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I know going to sleep early as a college student seems impossible, but it’s a pretty crucial step if you plan on waking up in a somewhat decent mood. Adults should be getting between 7-9 hours of sleep each night so keep that in mind while you’re watching Netflix at 3 AM.

2. Resist the urge to hit snooze.

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Getting out of bed in the morning is probably the hardest thing ever, but hitting snooze just makes it worse. Just get out of bed on the first ring and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

3. Make your bed.

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I know a lot of people don’t see a point in making their beds, but it’s honestly just one of those little things that make your life so much better. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and just makes your room seem much more put together (even though your life isn’t). It’s also a great feeling coming home to a well-made bed. If that isn’t enough, it also stops you from crawling back into bed after you’ve gotten out. So please, just start making your bed!

4. Brush Teeth/Wash Face/Shower/Etc.

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This is probably my favorite part of my morning. I love how refreshed I feel after showering and washing my face and I also just really enjoy brushing my teeth and rinsing (on a side note, if you don’t already use a tongue scraper, buy one now!) This whole process will make you feel pretty awake by now.

5. Coffee/Breakfast

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Assuming you’ve gotten dressed already, you should treat yourself to some breakfast. My go-to breakfast is oatmeal topped with strawberries, raisins, peanut butter, and cinnamon or a spinach feta wrap from Starbucks. A cup of coffee is also a necessary way to start your day.

I hope this makes you take a new approach to your mornings and I hope that you maybe even start to enjoy them. Make sure to try these out tomorrow and who knows, maybe you’ll even become a morning person.

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