How to Protect Your Blonde Hair After Dyeing it

Maintaining blonde hair can be hard. After dyeing your hair blonde, you want it to look good and stay healthy. Here are seven easy tips to protect your hair that will ensure it stays blonde and beautiful!

  1. 1. Protect it from the heat.

    The more heat your hair receives the more damage your color risks. If you must use heat on your hair, try spraying it with a heat protecting spray or oil prior to applying the heat. Reducing the amount of heat will ensure your hair stays healthy and keeps that colorful glow.

  2. 2. Stay away from chlorine.

    Chlorine has several chemicals that can be harmful to your hair and cause the color to fade. Whenever you go swimming, try tying your hair up in a high bun or wearing a shower cap to avoid getting your hair wet. Reducing the number of times you submerge your hair in chlorine will prevent damage to your hair color.

  3. 3. Use purple shampoo and conditioner.

    Purple shampoo helps to maintain the color of your blonde hair. If you dye your hair any color, avoid any hair product that lists sulfate as an ingredient. Sulfate takes out the color in your hair and can be harmful. Instead, use purple shampoo and conditioner every other time you wash your hair—using it each time might dry out your hair. The shampoo and conditioner will help maintain the color. While it can be expensive, you only need a penny’s worth of the liquid, so this type of product goes a long way.

  4. 4. Apply Morrocan oil.

    Moroccan oil helps maintain moisture in your hair and allows your hair to grow out healthier and faster. It is especially good to use it on the ends of your hair. Avoid applying it on your roots especially if you want to wear your hair down that day—doing so will make your hair look greasy. Instead, put a penny’s amount on your hand and then work it through your hair.

  5. 5. Consider highlights or balayage.

    Not only is it difficult to preserve the color of your dyed hair, but it can also get difficult to keep your hair healthy. When getting a balayage, your hair will grow out more naturally. When your dark roots come in, they won't look as noticeable than if you completely dyed your hair. Alternatively, getting highlights is also better for your hair than entirely dyeing it. Highlights and balayage give you that natural blonde goddess look while making it easier to nurture your hair. 

  6. 6. Put coconut oil on the ends of your hair.

    Coconut oil is another great solution for your dyed hair—and you can use it for your skin too. Coconut oil moisturizes your hair and makes it softer and shinier! Similar to Morrocan oil, coconut oil is very greasy. Therefore, you only need a minimal amount of it. Be conscious to apply it only when you do not have somewhere to go, as it might make your hair look greasy before it is washed out. Despite this potential minor inconvenience, coconut oil is well worth it. It will leave your hair feeling healthier and softer than ever before!

  7. 7. Try a hair mask.

    Hair masks help moisturize and regenerate your hair after dyeing it, especially if you also use curling irons or straighteners often. You can find hair masks practically anywhere for a reasonable price and they make a noticeable difference in your hair's health. 

It's important to maintain your hair health after dyeing it. If you follow this guide, you will leave the salon feeling confident that your honey or platinum blonde hair will last you for months! Using these tips, you can prevent some of the damage that dyeing your hair can have and maintain your color until your next appointment.


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