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How to Make Good Food Healthy

Now that spring is approaching, you’re starting to get nervous about not being “bikinibod ready” for the summer. You can’t hide behind your chunky sweaters anymore, so you’re freaking out. No worries— you can make all of your favorite foods a little bit healthier so you feel better and look better! (p.s you’re already beautiful) 

What you want to eat: Tortilla chips and cheese dip 

What you can substitute: Get whole wheat tortilla chips instead and buy fat-free shredded cheese that you can sprinkle on your chips and heat up in the microwave! 


What you want to eat: Milkshake

What you can substitute: Instead of loading the blender with ice cream, milk, and hot fudge— chop up some fresh fruit like pineapples, kiwis, strawberries, bananas, and blueberries, add some yogurt and ice and blend! Now you have a healthy smoothie with key nutrients. A milkshake might bring all the boys to the yard…but a smoothie will boost your immune system and get you into shape for summer. 


What you want to eat: Pepperoni pizza

What you can substitute: Use whole wheat dough and substitute the pepperoni for veggies like red or green peppers, olives, mushrooms, and tomato. It’ll still taste delicious I promise.


Although those are just a few examples, you can always substitute some kind of junk food option for a healthier option. Trade in your candy for nuts, milk chocolate for dark chocolate, and soda for water. You’ll have that rockin’ body in no time. 

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