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How to Make the Best Coffee At Home

While school was still in session prior to coronavirus, camping out at the Kenmore Starbucks and getting ahead on homework was my favorite Saturday morning activity. The cozy wood-accents and folk songs playing over the loudspeaker made homework feel more like a cabin retreat. Plus, a caramel iced coffee with almond milk in the morning just hits the spot.

However, now that I’m home, I have felt stressed and anxious about setting up a space where I could continue my productivity. Between my fluffy Samoyed puppy and my incredibly fun siblings, staying focused has been extremely challenging. As someone who thrives on a routine, I knew I needed to make home resemble my workspace at school. I cleaned my desk, turned on Harry Styles, and even used the same pens I used while in school. Yet, I still felt something was missing. Then, I realized: coffee solves everything.

While social distancing has made coffee shops a thing of the past, you can have fun being your own barista. Here are some tips and tricks I have found to make coffee at home–just the way you like it.

Choose Your Blend

Getting the right blend of coffee is KEY to making a punching cup. I usually make a big pot at home, pour it into a pitcher, and then refrigerate for iced coffee. Being Boston-born-and-raised, I like New England Coffee bags the best, with Dunkin bags as a close second. A trick I learned from my mother is to mix different flavors to your liking. I usually mix New England Coffee Hazelnut-Creme with Eye-Opener Blend. However, if Keurig is more your speed, then just make sure you like the flavor of the k-cup.

Look as Good as it Tastes

As a visualizer, presentation always makes things seem better to me. I love using mason jars for iced coffee because it just gives off that Joanna Gaines vibe of having my life together. Mugs are also great for giving off good vibes. Whatever you choose, presenting your coffee in a cute manner makes it look as good as it tastes.

Dairy or no dairy? 

Some days, I just need a black coffee to electrify my senses. However, most days, I love a creamy coffee. I vary between using almond milk and regular light cream, because both have different effects. Almond milk tends to add a slight creamy flavor to the coffee while still allowing the bold coffee flavor to shine. If you love dairy-free creamers, definitely check out nut pods. Not only are they a favorite of queen Emma Chamberlain, but they also come in awesome flavors. Cream and regular milk soften the flavors of the coffee by adding a smooth creamy flavor. 


Sweeteners can change the flavor of the coffee. For instance, granulated sugar is intensely sweet while other sweeteners can be more subtle. I like honey and coconut sugar for a slight sweetness. Other options could be maple syrup, stevia, or Splenda.

Flavor it up

Flavoring can come from the creamer you use or syrups. For syrups, I would recommend starting with low amounts and building up depending on your individual taste. One time I added too much peppermint syrup and my coffee tasted like toothpaste.

However you like your coffee, don’t forget the reusable straw.


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Maria is a junior advertising major at Boston University. When not in class, Maria can be found running along the Charles, drawing, getting coffee, and listening to Kacey Musgraves or Stevie Nicks. She hopes to one day be a copywriter or account planner at an advertising agency.
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