How to Look Like You Have Your Sh*t Together

I’m not even going to lie to you and no one is going to be able to tell me any different, but I truly and utterly believe that no one has their sh*t together… at all. If you tell me that you have come across a college student that has their life together and isn’t stressing about anything, I’d say you’re bluffing. Honestly, I feel like most of the adults I’ve come across don’t even have their lives together. That being said, here are my tips on how to make it seem like you have your life together. 

1. Use an agenda.        

When someone pulls out an agenda around me, I feel like they're 10x more prepared for the week than I am. Even if you don’t actually stick to your agenda, having it definitely helps you feel like you’re sticking to some sort of plan. You can check out how to make a cool bullet journal on BU’s HerCampus YouTube channel here!

2. Dress well.

I get that people are most comfortable in sweats and pajamas, but getting dressed for a class shouldn’t feel as tough as it is for most of us. Finding your style can help you rock a sense of “togetherness” much more than you would think. Having an outfit on that you feel confident in totally changes the game and you look ready to take on the day. Whatever you decide to wear make sure you feel confident and comfortable in it and that will radiate out to others, making it seem like your whole life is put together!

3. Smile.

A smile is worth a thousand words. Happy people intimidate others for some reason. Smiling somehow has the power to make you look and feel more confident throughout the day.  Use your beautiful smile to feel put together and maybe even make someone else’s day!

4. Walk with your head up.

Walk with your head held high even if you feel like you are getting buried alive. Walking down Comm Ave can be intimidating and overwhelming if you don’t have the right mindset. Picture yourself in a movie ready to take on the whole world, starting with Boston University. Put your headphones in, blast some motivating music, and strut to class like no other. Walk like you have your life together and eventually you’ll get there!

5. Make your bed.

There is just something about a nicely made bed that makes a room look clean and put together. Starting off your day already having something accomplished really makes it easier to get through all those classes you have. Check out this article about why making your bed in the morning makes for a better day!

6. Get to sleep.

I can’t stress how important it is to actually get enough sleep as a college student. Being able to go through a whole day without feeling exhausted is key in actually completing your work without getting stressed out about everything. I strive for the day when I don’t have bags under my eyes from sleep deprivation.

7. Find time to de-stress.

Whether it's going for a walk, going out, sleeping, coloring, reading, or watching tv to de-stress, make sure you find time to do it. Don't overindulge in procrastination, but remember "you time" is essential to actually living life. For me, taking a nice walk around the city helps me de-stress. Budgeting your time so that you have time to relax is essential to look like you have your sh*t together.

We are all kind of just faking it till we make it and I’d say that is perfectly acceptable in the chaos we live in today. Don’t fall for the idea that everyone knows what they are doing because I promise 99% of us are, most definitely, just winging it!  


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Cover photo via Sisterhood Agenda