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As Carrie Bradshaw would say, “I couldn’t help but wonder…” My Sex and the City binge-watch has put me in the mood to entertain my inner Carrie (though I must defend my love for Miranda because she is the best and most underrated character). 

Carrie’s introspective attitude has me looking at all the things in my life and appreciating them for exactly what they are. It’s all about accepting where I’m at now and celebrating the present. I’m sure that’s not the message I’m meant to take from a show about dating mishaps, sex, and of course, the city. Nonetheless, I remember watching this show in high school and imagining what my life would be like afterward. Would I have Samantha’s carefree attitude, Charlotte’s perfect hair, Miranda’s wit, and intelligence, or Carrie’s shoe closet? One pair of (vintage) Manolo Blahniks later, and I’ve come to appreciate my life for all that it is at this very moment. 

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New Line Cinema

Growing up, I dreamt of going to college in the city. At the time, I had envisioned New York or Los Angeles, but Boston is my home and it’s an exciting change from my private school life in the suburbs. Sometimes I’ll be walking down Comm Ave. and find myself in awe of how far I’ve come since high school. I’m studying a subject I enjoy. I have strong relationships with people who genuinely understand me. I am proud of myself for my accomplishments, and it’s about time we learn to congratulate ourselves for our efforts. 

It’s really difficult for me to live in the moment. Only in the last year, due to the pandemic and various losses, have I begun to learn how to “carpe” my “Diem.” I think the best way to live for today is to practice gratitude for the small things. When you get your morning coffee, say thank you to the barista who made you your drink. Savor the taste. Breathe in the fresh air around you. Thank your body for fuel you throughout the day. It sounds a little cheesy at first, but with practice, it will become a habit.

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Photo by Jonas Mohamadi from Pexels

Before her passing this summer, Naya Rivera posted something on Instagram with the caption: “no matter the year, circumstance, or strifes every day you’re alive is a blessing. make the most of today and every day you are given. tomorrow is not promised.” I live by this mantra and try my best to see the beauty around me, even on bad days. 

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Mariel is a junior at Boston University studying Advertising and Film/TV. She loves fashion, trying new restaurants and food spots, and chatting about all things pop culture.
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