How to Have a Stress-Free Finals Week!

The end of the spring semester means summertime is just around the corner. But, before binging Netflix or boarding a flight, you have to survive finals. To many of us, this means a week full of coffee, highlighters, study guides, no sleep, and, not to mention, lots of STRESS. 

With final projects that may be worth half your grade, or an exam that’s based on an entire book (that you haven't read), it is so easy to get caught up in the angst. But, by starting off on a positive and organized foot, you can conquer the week with the least amount of stress possible. 

Starting off organized is key. Before finals week begins, mapping out what exams you have when, and what material they cover, is vital! Understanding what you have to study and being able to condense that material makes the actual studying a lot less brutal. 

My favorite way of studying for big exams is by condensing all my materials –from class notes, textbook readings, and assignments–into one comprehensive study guide. This simplifies studying, because not only are all your materials in the same spot, but you also learn in the process of compiling everything! 

Staying on a schedule is also essential to a stress-free finals week. Planning out when you will study for each exam, and for how long, will keep you from procrastinating and stressing about beating the clock. 

By studying for each subject for only a couple of hours at a time, you can maintain your attention span and avoid getting bored. When studying or working on the same thing for too long, it is easy to doze off and lose focus. Plus, your brain can only absorb so much material at one time, so you need to give it a break to reset and refresh.

As easy and satisfying as it may be to eat unhealthy during finals, it ultimately slows you down. By fueling your body with nutritious foods, you can keep your immune system strong and your brain sharp! 

Before finals, I like to shop for healthy snacks and meals that are easy to prep and don’t take a lot of time. With healthy foods in reach, you are less likely to order unhealthy foods. 

After all the studying and hard work, it is also important to step back and trust that you are prepared! If you have put in the time and effort, it’s important to have confidence in your abilities. If you have attended class all semester and studied, you are definitely ready to go! 

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the stressful nature of finals. But, by being prepared, organized, and equipped with a positive mindset, you can achieve anything! With every minute, we are closer to summer vacation! Let's get studying ladies… 

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