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How To Get Through Midterms, As Told By Hermione

For Boston students, midterms are coming up as a slap in the face because SURPRISE, you actually still are in school. It’s a struggle to study material that you’ve just started learning or had to learn yourself due to the snow days. Spring Break is next week and there are still mounds of snow on the ground – it’s a confusing time. When you’re in the thick of midterms and can’t see the light take some advice from the HBIC of the studious life, our favorite spell snob: Hermione Granger.

Take a deep breath before your exams and spend some quiet alone time not flying through flashcards. You’ve prepared as best you can so come to the test as relaxed as possible.

Stay relaxed, but don’t underestimate a test’s difficulty. Walk in confident but even if it’s your best subject, you may get stumped. Be realistic and cover as much material as possible in your studying sessions.

It pays to be the teacher’s pet sometimes. When you ask the right questions and engage in the material, your professor may be more lenient with partial grading if you make the effort throughout the semester.

Make an effort to stay connected with friends even during heavy study periods. They may just save your sanity.

Do your best on your exams for yourself, not anyone else (sorry, mom). This is your learning experience so avoid comparing grades and stressing over how well your peers are doing.

If you embody Hermione for the next couple weeks, her hardcore studious vibes are bound to trickle into your pen and help you ace those midterms.

Above all else, remember it’s LEVIOSA not leviosar. 

Caroline is a junior ('16) at Boston University studying Public Relations with a concentration in Women's Studies. When she was little she taught herself how to play the french horn and then promptly forgot. You can find her people-watching on the esplanade, getting her downward dog on at Sweat & Soul Yoga or engaging in high-intelligence internet content such as corgi GIFs and Lady Gaga's Twitter account. If you make strong coffee, then you have rights to automatic friendship status. Tweet at Caroline and make her day! @caroline_mary6
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