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How to Disconnect in a World That’s Evermore Connected

Thanks to technological advances, the world has never been more connected. In just a matter of seconds, you can send a text message to someone across the globe or tweet your favorite celebrity – the opportunities are endless. However, sometimes we can lost in this online world, and forget that life extends further than our screens. We’ve become more connected but paradoxically, we’ve become more disconnected as well. Here a few ways to disconnect from social media and connect with the real world:

Do some form of exercise

Go out for a run or do a yoga class! With these types of activities, you can’t be using your devices. Nowadays, technology is meant to suck you in and keep you scrolling down Instagram or watching endless YouTube videos. Work to deliberately disengage from your screen and fill your time with productive activities like exercise.

Put your phone away while you’re eating

Try to enjoy your food without posting a picture of it. Meals are meant to be shared with the people around you, so start by setting up a phone-free dinner policy. By eliminating triggers, it will be easier to stop scrolling and stay present.

Take up a hobby

The time we spend on our phones could be replaced with a productive hobby! Take piano lessons, learn a new language, or join an art class! These activities are a lot more fulfilling than stalking your friends’ Facebook photo galleries. Not only will the activities be more fulfilling, but they will also improve your overall mood.

Limit your time on social media

If you can’t completely delete your social media applications, allot a specific amount of time each day for using them. Certain apps like Instagram have settings installed where you can be notified when you’ve used the app for a certain amount of time. This can also be helpful in recognizing how much time you spend on social media because sometimes we aren’t even aware of the hours we spend scrolling.

Disconnect before bedtime

Using electronics before bed can disrupt our patterns of sleep. Shut off your phone or put it on the “Do Not Disturb” mode before bed in order to allow your brain to properly wind down. You’ll wake up feeling less groggy in the mornings if you do!

Download an app to help you disconnect

Technology can also help you use technology less. Many applications have been coming out that help people detach from using their smartphones. Clearlock, Offtime, and Qualitytime are all applications that are perfect for people who are addicted to their smartphones or just need a break from all the notifications that bombard our phones daily. There are also meditation apps like Calm and Headspace that can help you become more self-aware.

The actions we take today dictate how our life will eventually unwind. We don’t need to be online 24/7 – the world is vast and full of adventures that will make our lives worthwhile. Whether it be mountain biking with friends or preparing for an important interview or meeting a cute person at a café, these are the things that will bring joy into your life. So the question is: what makes your life worthwhile?


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