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How Did The Jonas Brothers Reunion Make The World Feel?

Unless you were living under a rock, you should know the #JonasBrothers are back.

From a Jonas Brothers aficionado, I can confidently say that they are Better. Than. Ever.

The fangirl in me jumped out on March 1 at midnight ET when I saw the music video. Not only, did they revamp their whole boyband style, but their significant others were in it too.

The world was NOT ready for that at all. Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, and Danielle Jonas all looked FABULOUS.

That was everyone when the #JonasSisters showed up on the screen. I mean, their looks… Are. You. Kidding. Me. 

This boy band reunion had the world completely shocked. Revealed on the Late Late Show with James Corden, their reunion explained a lot of the recent family bonding that was on Instagram.

While Nick Jonas’ and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding was a priority, the wheels were turning in the Jonas’ minds as they were planning the biggest reunion that their former fangirls were not ready for.

But how did the world take this incredible reunion? Well, I couldn’t interview the world, but I could interview a bunch of people from Boston all the way to California (thanks, spring break!)

So let’s see the various reactions to this boy band revamp that got us in the ~lovebug~ vibes:

1. “I was not ready!”

This was the most common response for individuals who were ages 17 and above. With the stress of school, the rise of multiple artists, and the crazy political climate, the last thing we were prepared for was a reunion of the group that made us into a cult a decade ago.

To top it off, their loves made a big impression! Our hearts were not prepared in the slightest bit for that music video. It got us feeling the power of the Jonas Brothers once again after years of loneliness. And as social media will show you, we were not prepared for that level of emotion.

2. “They got a lot cuter.”

Ain’t wrong. With aging came puberty, and for the Jonas Brothers… it was a gift from the gods. All of them GLOWED UP. It was beautiful to see and a lot of people who were diehard fans during the Camp Rocks ages couldn’t agree more.

3. “Aren’t they kinda old now?”

Ummm…? So? Just kidding, a lot of people who said this were PARENTS of diehard fans from the Year 3000. You’re not wrong. The fact that all of them are engaged or married means it’s true that they did grow up. You can hear it in their music as well, which is super cool to see.

4. “So that’s what you guys listened to!!”

Yes, indeed. Those are the three boys who made the music that we listened to on repeat in elementary and middle school. They created our ANTHEM, so to speak, and we love them completely. This response was mostly by newer generation individuals from ages 13-17 who were fascinated by the cult that is the Jonas Brothers fandom.

Now, that they are back, they are going to create new anthems for us to praise. :’)

5. “Nick is so hot.”

Ugh, that’s the tea sis. His glow up was LEGENDARY. As an original Nick fan dating all the way back to Introducing Me in Camp Rock, I am HONORED to be a part of the original fandom. This comment was said by fans who were originally Joe Jonas diehards and by newer members of the Jonas Brothers fandom!

For those of you who were crazy about Joe…another Jonas joined the game! He stole your heart, just like he stole Priyanka’s. Cute, but he is also so. Hot.

Here’s another gif just because he looks even better with Priyanka:

Those were the most popular responses I got on the quest to find out everyone’s opinions of the Jonas Brothers reunion. Overall, I would rate the reunion as a 10/10 success.

Adults, diehard fans, and newer generations loved it, and there’s no denying that. In fact, the proof is in the statistics. They reached Billboard #1 fifteen days after their single was released. It’s not that easy to reach that high, but the group that burned up our hearts in 2008 (only the diehards will know) did it!

If you haven’t listened to it, I will link it right here! You are going to be a sucker for them too.



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