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The Her Campus Guide to Surviving Spring Break, As Told by The Walking Dead

The moment we’ve all been waiting for since the start of the semester is finally here! And no it’s not Marathon Monday (though that’s definitely a close second!) We’re talking about Spring Break! Warm beaches, road trips, aviator shades, screaming our heads off with our girls—it’s so close we can practically taste the poolside margaritas and smell the coat of a fresh mani-pedi. But before going off into la-la land dreaming up your soon to be vacay, you’re going to need a crash course in Spring Break survival. Lucky for us, Her Campus national and our lovely sponsors have our backs once again (stay tuned to find out how you can win some of these goodies just in time for break!).

If there’s anyone who can teach us a thing or two about survival, it’s the cast of The Walking Dead. Making it through a week of insane ragers, drunken strangers, and non-stop fun is the same as surviving a zombie apocalypse, right?

You’re all packed and ready to go

Nothing like a playlist featuring T. Swift, Beyoncé, and Rih Rih to get the heads bobbin’

You and your girls finally pull up to your vacay spot, ready to shut the place down.

Excuse us, hot spring breakers coming through.

But there are a few essentials you’re going to need

Don’t you want to be there for your girls with the perfect Spring Break essentials when they need you? We’ll answer for you: Of course you do.

When you’ve been traveling for hours there’s only one perfect solution to appease your taste buds…Burritos!

Nothing beats BOGO Chipotle cards….NOTHING!

Your girls can guess again if they think they’re going to get a bite of your savory burrito.

Sike! Get your own.

It’s a must that you have shades on your persons at all times! Dark shades in Her Campus pink will do the trick!

#haterblockers. But don’t think the party stops there. Browse the Her Campus online shop and you’ll find plenty of Spring Break goodies—not to mention the Her Campus Guide to College Life, your key to college survival!

Before hitting any party scene, you’ll need to look your best. If you plan on making it through the week with flawless hair, you must turn to Not Your Mother’s Haircare.

If you’re going to get whiplash from jamming to good party music, may as well do it with silky smooth locks

Of course there will be plenty of creeps dying to get their hands on you all break. Spring Break seems to bring them out in packs.

It’s like you have “come harass me” written on your forehead.

So you’ll want to feel protected. Good thing SABRE knows a thing or two about that.

Bet they’ll regret messing with you when they see you’ve got your SABRE pepper gel handy. 

And your girls need not worry! You can have their backs with SABRE alarms too!

Ain’t nobody messing with my clique.

There’s no way you can lay poolside with a little stubble. You’ll want to keep some Completely Bare Wax Packs handy for heat-free, mess-free hair removal.

Yes, waxing can be a nuisance but suck it up. Big girls on spring break don’t cry.

Snacks are a must-have on any trip. LUNA bars will be your best friends when you’re craving a scrumptious, yet gluten-free snack.

Be prepared to throw your girls a bar or two. Trust us, they won’t be able to resist the smell of a chocolate dipped coconut bar. #facts

Any jam-packed vacay is going to have a little down time here and there. Winding down with a good book is your best bet! The Intern’s Handbook, a thriller by Shane Kuhn, should be your go-to.

Any book that is soon to be a major motion picture starring Dave Franco is worth a read! You’re welcome for the tip.

Or, pick up a copy of Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell.

Be prepared to quiet any and ALL distractions.

With these must-haves, there’s no way you can’t survive Spring Break.

Drunken jerks, hunger, body hair, you name it—you’ll be attacking it all head on!

Be sure to enter our Spring Break giveaway this week for a chance to win these essentials and much more for yourself and your vacay crew! You’re only one tweet or Instagram post away! #HCessentials

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