A Guide to Galentine's Day

As someone who rarely has a Valentine to celebrate with, I love spending my Valentine's Day with my best friends. I know that seeing all the #couplegoals Instagram posts is hard when you can't relate, but here are some tips for feeling loved on this upcoming V-Day…minus the significant other.

1. Make it an event.

Just because you aren't going on a fancy date to a five-star restaurant, doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate! There are plenty of fun things to do as a single girl on February 14th, as long as you have good friends by your side. Plan a dinner with friends, a Valentine's themed present swap (gag gifts recommended), or a girl's night-in, complete with a romantic comedy…or seven. Some of my personal favorites are Bridget Jones’s Diary and She’s All That.

2. Treat yourself.

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year, besides Halloween, where you can eat as much chocolate as you want and no one can tell you not to. Even if no one is buying you chocolate this year, get out there and satisfy your sweet tooth! Bake heart-shaped cookies with friends, or if you’re lazy (like me), take advantage of the candy aisle in CVS. Buy your girls some boxes of chocolate and get snacking; you totally deserve it.

3. Write Valentine’s cards for your friends.

If you’re crafty, this one is for you. It may sound like something you remember doing from kindergarten, but giving your friends a letter telling them how much you love them will make their day. I promise. This can make for a fun activity to do together while you wait for cookies to bake, or while Love Actually is playing in the background. Make some boxes to slip each other’s letters in, and read them together to feel the love.

4. Have a themed potluck.

If staying in is more your style, have all of your friends over for a potluck! Set up a table with Valentine’s Day themed decor and get cooking! Breakfast foods are a personal favorite of mine, and you can check out some great V-Day recipes here. A brunch potluck that's delicious AND looks cute on Instagram? What more could you ask for!

5. Day trip.

If you have the time and the resources, the best way to get away from all the couples is a day trip! Cape Cod, Rhode Island, and a ton of ski resorts (Stowe, Gunstock, and Nashoba Valley to name a few) are all close enough to drive down to for the day. Queue up some songs to sing along to, pack the car with snacks and your best friends, and get going!

6. Spa day.

The best feeling in the world is pampering yourself. Face masks, manicures, and cozy blankets, oh my! Stock up on candles and Christmas lights and create a personal spa right in your dorm room. Make your own face masks, like the one here to combat dry skin, and sit back and relax!

These a just a few ideas for how to spend your day this February 14th, and most of them can be done on any day of the year just to treat yourself! No matter what you’re doing for Valentine's Day, if you’re with your girls it will definitely be the best Galentine's Day ever.


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