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A Guide to BU’s Alternative Spring Break Trips

Halloween is over, Thanksgiving’s right around the corner and Christmas is not too far away. Before you know it, Spring Break will be here and plans need to be made. BU’s Community Service Center provides a program called Alternative Spring Breaks where students engage in a week of service. Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing program. 


Alternative Spring Break is a program that runs weeks long trips where students volunteer is many different focus areas ranging from working with farm animals to cleaning up National Parks. With so many different trips, it’s very easy to find something that you are passionate about and want to participate in. 


Over 300 student volunteers will go on an ASB trip. Usually public transportation trips have 15 participants, van trips have 11 volunteers and flying trips have 14 students. Each trip also has two student Coordinators and one chaperone. In a small group setting you will get to know each other really well and will come back to BU with friends you may never have met otherwise! 


The ASB trips range in pricing from $200 for trips in the Boston Area to over $1,000 for an airplane trip to Puerto Rico. Whatever your price range, there is an option for you! The Community Service Center also has options for need based scholarships that you can apply for when you register.


Maybe you are dreading the idea of going home with your family still busy and all of your friends have different break times. Maybe your parents saw the film Spring Breakers and refuse to a fund a week long beach trip. Maybe you want to continue to meet new people and get more involved with the BU community. Maybe you want to recreate your FYSOP experience. Or maybe you just want to do something different this year,  whatever your reasons are!

How do I learn more?

Go the Community Service Center’s website which will direct you to ASB. Follow ASB on social media @BUASB on Twitter, Instagram, and on Facebook. And on November 10th, ASB is having an information session in the GSU Backcourt from 7-9 pm! 

We hope you will take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

Catrin is a freshman at Boston University. Although she is a British citizen, she considers Boulder, Colorado as her hometown. She is pursuing a degree in International Relations in the College of Arts and Sciences with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's studies. She is a lover of cats, theatre, the outdoors, and beauty products. 
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