Got Jobs?

As the countdown to graduation whittles into double-digit territory, the pressure of finding a job post-graduation grows. In between studying for midterms, writing research papers, and reading textbook chapters, you are also expected to be actively searching and applying for “real people” jobs. Those final months of adolescents that should be spent partying and crossing items off the “college bucket list,” are instead spent fretting over interviews, writing cover letters, and thinking of the perfect response to “What’s your biggest weakness?”  

As a COM student, the application process doesn’t really kick off until March. Since we are applying for a supply and demand business, we don’t get hired until there is a client demand present, and a short time to fill it. Other 2016 graduates, however, have had jobs for months. I’m looking at you Accounting majors. So, when my friends try to assure me that my dream job offer will come sometime around May, I can’t help but feel the following things:


1. Job searching:

2. Reading a lengthy application and the job qualifications: 

3. Hitting the "submit" button:

4. Anxiously waiting to hear back:

5. Receiving a confirmation email: 



Good luck fellow Class of 2016. Let’s get the job (hunting) done!