Generations of Style

Generations of Style

As fall settles in, it becomes increasingly tempting to fall back on dependable outfit choices. Although practical, wearing the same outfits every week can be mundane.


To remedy this, I looked to the women in my life for fall fashion inspiration. I chatted with my sister, my mom and my grandmother about the things they are wearing and loving this season. Below you’ll find picks from three women across three different generations.


Jenna’s Fall Necessities

My sister, Jenna, recently moved to Edinburgh, Scotland for graduate school, and has been acclimating to the weather over the past few months. With the weather rarely reaching over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, she has learned how to style her clothes accordingly:


Boots with Jeans

She admits to only having a pair of hiking boots and a pair of booties, since she had to pack lightly when she moved, but she alternates between them for functionality and style.


Denim Jackets

Jenna simply stated, “Denim jackets are fun.” Demin jackets come in a style for everyone: baggy, cropped, distressed, pinned, colored and everything in between. These jackets are perfect for days when the weather allows you to layer up without being too cold.


“No-Makeup” Makeup

This simplistic and natural look lets you wear makeup without wearing loads of it everywhere you go. Fall weather and wind can be harsh on skin, so skip a lot of the usual steps and focus on looking like yourself -- just slightly enhanced.


Mom’s Fall Necessities

My mom is the person who gave me my love for shopping. She simply cannot resist a good sale. As a working woman, she does not have a ton of time to get ready in the mornings, so she prefers simple and practical outfits:


Jeans and Boots

My mom and sister actually have the same pair of Merell Boots that they both love. “I know that for you and Jenna it is not big deal to wear hiking boots with everything, but when you’re my age, you cannot pull off that look year round,” my mom told me.


Large Blanket Scarves

Since visiting me in Boston, my mom has been hooked on printed blanket scarves. She picked one up at Primark, and has gotten compliments on it everywhere she goes. Scarves are an easy and practical way to jazz up any fall outfit.


Overnight Hair and Skin Masks

My mom prefers to save time in her beauty routine by using overnight treatments. In the morning, just wash everything off in the shower to expedite your morning routine.



Omi’s Fall Necessities

My grandma loves finding new clothes, and has recently taken cues from the younger crowds on her style. She lives in the mountains of Georgia, and the weather fluctuates throughout the day, so she styles accordingly.


Non-Turtleneck Sweaters

This year she has skipped over turtlenecks, which she previously wore.  Instead, she opts for a thick crewneck sweater, typically in a bright color. Omi has been avoiding scarves and turtlenecks because they can be annoying, especially when the temperature reaches around 70 degrees during the day.


Big Earrings

It may seem like nothing new, but statement earrings are on the list of this fall’s trends, according to fashion blogs. Skip the necklace and chose a fun pair of earrings instead. Omi always carries a few extra sets of earrings in her bag just in case she forgets them, because her outfits are never complete without them.



The pant-of-choice for many college students is also one of Omi’s favorites this season. She wears them with boots and a sweater “that goes long enough to cover everything.” She throws them on to do housework, run errands and even to go to events with her friends. 


If you want to mix up your fall outfits and don't know how, just look around -- you never know what you may find.