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Congratulations freshmen, you have about three or so weeks under your belt. You can finally consider yourselves as part of the BU community.

With all the great times that come with freshmen year, there are also the horrible times that make you reconsider this whole college thing. Just know that every single upperclassman has gone through the same thing you have – and survived.

If you can’t relate to these problems, just give it a few more weeks.


Freshman 15

Being in Warren is both a blessing and curse. You literally have everything in your building – including a dining hall, Starbucks, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jamba Juice and a convenience store. If necessary, you could survive all on food in the Warren building, which – let’s face it – happens during the winter.

Inevitably, with all these choices comes the price. In this case, the price is an increase in your waistline. I’m sure you’re confident that you’ll be fine right now, but just you wait.


Resident Assistants

Abbreviated to RAs, these people may not be a problem depending on what their personality is like. Some RAs are incredibly awesome and will let you get away with a lot as long as you’re not being obnoxious. Other RAs, however, are like hawks watching your every move. These are the people you have to be wary of, especially when you’re stumbling in at 2 in the morning.


Signing Up for Classes

This is basically the Hunger Games. Your job is to get the classes you need in the best possible way in order to optimize free time. You can definitely help your case by planning weeks in advance, but ultimately, choosing classes is based off of how lucky you are.

BU has a hierarchy system for choosing classes. Seniors get first pick, and it descends from there. You may think that this isn’t so bad, but you’d be wrong. Within the different divisions, BU makes it so that the last number of your ID decides what time you can choose classes.

It definitely is a stressful time choosing classes, but if you keep checking and being patient, you can definitely get the class schedule you want.


Walking Into the Wrong Class

I’ve never had the unfortunate luck to do this, but I can empathize with how awkward and scary it must be. Lectures aren’t so bad to walk into because there are so many people, that you end up blending in. Discussions are way worse because of the smaller number of people in the class. Do yourself a favor and always double check the room number, even if you think you know it.


The Writing Program

This program is great for getting freshmen ready to write the way college requires. It is just so tedious. BU tries to make the classes exciting with different topics and focuses, but let’s face it – we’ve been over English class for a while.


Getting Lost

Although BU is a street, it is difficult to navigate with all the acronyms. By mid-year, I can assure you that you will be a pro at using the acronyms and navigating your way across campus. For now, though, remember that Kilachand is referred to as Shelton and that Kenmore is the place in East Campus with the crazy amount of stoplights.

Always remember Google Maps is your friend.


Communal Showers

Admittedly, it is great being able to shower when you want because there are multiple stalls. However, that perk is negated by the fact that the showers are gross. You don’t know what’s been on the floors and the amount of hair people never cleaned was disgusting. Please, please wear shower shoes if you don’t already.

Also, it kind of blows that you can’t sing your heart out like our friend Emma Stone for fear of people hearing.


Getting a Job

With the amount of times you’ll end up going out, you begin to realize that you need to have some sort of income. If you have the time, you’ll end up trying for a job. The job hunt is already incredibly competitive and most times, you will end up getting rejected. The important part is to not give up, and to learn to settle for jobs (you won’t be getting glamorous jobs all the time, especially as a freshman).

While searching for something to work for, try doing a couple of psychology studies that pay in order to have some cash on hand.

Talking to Professors

It’s easy to convince yourself out of talking to professor because you’re afraid of making a fool of yourself. Go against all instinct and talk to your professors. Building a bond with them – especially those who teach classes related to your major – is a huge plus and will help you out in the future for academic work (when you need an extension) and for the job search (when you need recommendations).


Fitting In

This is arguably one of the most difficult parts of freshman year. Friends come and go, and you find yourself wondering who your friends are.

Not to fear, everyone goes through this at some point. The important thing is to make sure that you’re comfortable around who you hang out with. Friends you make these four years are hopefully people you want to stick with for life.

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