Five Ways To Practice Self-Care In College

College can be such a stressful time, and especially with the end of the semester coming up in about a month, it is more important than ever to practice self-care.  To practice self-care means to actively take steps to preserve or improve both your mental and physical health.  Since being healthy looks different for everyone, self-care is also different for everyone too. Amidst all of the stressors of college life, from the term papers to the unpredictability of the pandemic, it can be difficult to carve out time in your life to do things that bring you joy.  In the end, learning how to manage your mental health is one of the most important things that you can learn, because happiness leads you to other success in life.  Below are 5 ways to practice self-care that hopefully help you to become a happier person, even amidst all of the stressors in your life.


  1. 1. Get Some Exercise

    Woman exercising indoors on yoga mat

    After sitting at a desk all day doing online classes, it is so important to get moving. Physical activity is proven to improve both your physical and mental well-being, which is so important in these stressful times. Whether it is a relaxing yoga flow or a run along the Charles River, there is a way for everyone to get active and feel strong.

  2. 2. Watch A Movie or TV Show

    Person in Black and White Striped Socks Lying on Bed

    After a long week of school work, and other important obligations, it is so nice to just relax, and watch a movie or TV show.  Whether you binge-watch a Netflix series or discover a new movie, it is guaranteed to put you in a better mood.

  3. 3.  Cook Something at Home, Or Go Out To Eat

    Woman Red Lips Eating Hamburger

    Eating a good meal is always a great form of self-care.  Whether it is a super healthy homemade salad or a burger and fries from a nearby restaurant, a good meal never fails to raise spirits.  After all, everyone needs food to survive, so why not eat food that makes you happy?

  4. 4. Go Shopping 

    Sale Signs

    In my opinion, retail-therapy is a great way to practice self-care. Treating yourself to something new always makes you feel better. With the holidays coming up, it’s also nice to take advantage of Black Friday sales to buy your loved ones gifts. No matter what you buy, it’s simply fun to browse through clothes both in-person and online.

  5. 5. Get Creative 

    craft table

    All of the stressors of life can definitely take a toll on mental health, so to release some steam, get creative through drawing, painting, photography, DIYing, or anything else. Creativity is a skill that is so important in life, so why not make it fun?

The stresses of college and a pandemic can be a lot.  Follow these five self-care tips to help yourself feel happier and healthier.

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