Five Valentine’s Day Brunch Ideas

I’ve never been a big V-day gal, but last year made me realize that there’s so much negativity around us that you shouldn’t need a significant other to celebrate love! So, this year, I decided to go all-out for my family by cooking and hosting a brunch. Now, I feel like I should say right now that I ain’t no MasterChef, but the past year at home really made me realize how much fun cooking and experimenting with food really is. So, here are some of my top picks that you could recreate for your significant other, family, friend, or even yourself!

  1. 1. Green Pancakes with Lemon and Herb Butter

    Chocolate pancakes with strawberries

    Let me just start by saying that even though this is the most experimental one on the list, it was definitely a crowd favorite! It’s a great way to get your greens in and the lemon and herb butter gives it that perfect dollop of indulgence. For the pancakes, you’re going to need some spinach, self-rising flour, eggs, scallions, milk, and garlic among other ingredients that you can find in the recipe here. The lemon butter is essentially lemon rind, lemon juice, garlic, cilantro, salt, pepper, and obviously — everyone’s favorite — butter! 

  2. 2. Fig and Goat Cheese Finger-Food

    charcuterie board with fruit and cheese

    This one is perfect to snack on while you’re sipping on your mimosa. To make it, you need some goat cheese, chopped chives, chopped onions, roasted walnuts, salt, pepper, balsamic, and some thinly sliced fresh fig. Simply combine the condiments, onions, and walnuts with the goat cheese, spread it on any crackers or bread of your choice, and top it off with a slice of fig and a drizzle of balsamic! It’s got the carbs, cheese to satisfy your taste buds, and twang of sweetness from the fig and balsamic to keep things a little interesting.

  3. 3. Kale and Brussel Sprout Salad

    Vegan dinner and vegetables on a table

    Okay, I know what you’re thinking — ew— and the me from a year ago would probably have agreed with you too, but this is one of the only ways that it truly tastes delicious. Yes, I said delicious. Chop the kale and sprouts long, roast some pistachios and crush them into smaller pieces. Now, onto the real stuff. For the dressing, combine some freshly grated garlic with a juice from half a lemon, a spoon of organic maple syrup, 2 spoons of tahini and some salt. You will also need half a glass of ice-cold water to gradually pour into the mixture while stirring it to prevent the tahini from getting lumpy. When you’re ready to serve, add the dressing to the leaves and top with the pistachios and some pearls of pomegranate for an added burst of flavor!

  4. 4. Linguini in a Lemon-Parm Sauce

    Ramen in a pan with sauce, and eggs and vegetables on the counter.

    When life gives you lemons, you make a lemon-parmesan sauce, because I promise you, it’s the best sauce to ever exist and it’s so simple, too! Make a cheese sauce as you usually would, but this time, add some lemon juice and rind into it for the subtle flavor and fresh aroma. When you’re ready to serve, get your boiled linguini, combine it with the sauce, sprinkle some fresh lemon zest, and black pepper on top, and voila! Get ready for your taste buds to take you on a trip to Capri.

  5. 5. Espresso Bread Pudding

    chocolate pudding

    This plate of indulgence is basically like tiramisu and bread pudding had a love child — and what a beautiful child she is. Make a custard like you usually would, but for this recipe, add a shot of espresso and coffee liquor if you’re feeling adventurous! Tear some brioche bread into a large glass container and pour the custard onto the bread, making sure it is well-soaked. Then, put it into a preheated oven at 375 F for about 35 minutes. Once it’s warm and ready, you can serve it with some dark chocolate ice cream or enjoy it with some chocolate chips!

I hope these ideas inspire you to treat your loved ones or yourself to a yummy home-cooked meal or two!

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