Five Great YouTube Comfort Binges

It’s about that time of the semester — I’m burned out. It may be spring break, but wow, do midterms just take everything out of you. As such, I’m looking forward to binging some YouTube videos for a much needed R&R night. If any of you are planning on doing the same, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite comforting YouTube channels that you can binge when you want to relax. (Fair warning: Like half of them are food-related. But honestly, who’s going to complain about that?)

  1. 1. Jenna Marbles + Julien Solomita

    Jenna and Julien’s content is my favorite thing to watch when I need to just chill out. Julien does a lot of cool (kind of chaotic) cooking videos on his channel, while Jenna tries crafts and does whatever else her heart desires. It’s just a good, wholesome YouTube binge.

  2. 2. SORTEDfood: Pass It On

    The Pass It On series is pure gold. In this cooking challenge, two chefs and three “normals” have to tag-team the making of a single dish, without being able to communicate with each other what they are trying to make. Pure chaos is sure to break loose in a Pass It On episode, but they’re so fun and binge-able.

  3. 3. The Try Guys

    The Try Guys are a classic comfort binge, so I couldn’t possibly leave them off this list. What’s better than goofy group of guys who are unafraid to try new things, even when it’s clear they’ll fail? My favorite series of theirs is definitely “Without a Recipe.”

  4. 4.  Binging with Babish

    Andrew Rea, aka Binging with Babish on YouTube, has made it his life’s goal to recreate foods from popular TV shows and movies. These cooking videos — complete with a super-calming voiceover — are the perfect way to unwind. Plus, you can learn some handy cooking tips in the process!

  5. 5.  Music by Blanks: One Hour Song Challenge

    Simon de Wit, better known as BLANKS, is super talented. Like, crazy talented. In his “One Hour Song Challenge” series (as the name implies), he recreates popular songs in just one hour. He’s super creative and he’s done some recreations that I actually like better than the original song!

As you recharge and get ready for the second half of the semester, take some time to check out these great YouTube channels!


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