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Five Easy Ways to Instantly Make Your Apartment Feel Homier

Being away from home can be hard, especially during the colder months. These five easy adjustments can make your college apartment feel more like home without breaking the bank.


Harsh overhead lighting makes a room seem almost industrial. Invest in a few lamps to give your living space a much more welcoming glow.

Throw Blankets and Pillows

It’s amazing what a few accessories can do to brighten up a room! Plain furniture is functional, but by adding a throw blanket and a few pillows your space immediately seems more inviting and comfortable.


Plain walls look sterile and uninviting. Having photos and art on your walls changes the atmosphere of your apartment completely. Nothing feels more like home than walking into a room filled with pictures of your friends and family.


One of the best ways to make your apartment feel cozier is to have some fresh cut flowers in a vase or some potted plants. Having plants brings some life into a room. The simple aesthetic that they bring is an added bonus!


The subtle glow of a candle instantly makes a room more welcoming, and you can pick the scents you want your home to smell like! Not only do candles smell great, but they easily accessorize a room too!

I hope you find these quick tips useful for making your college apartment feel a little bit more like home! 

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Jillian is a senior studying English Literature at Boston University
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