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Fit to Print: Julia Demopoulos, Suffolk University Campus Correspondent

Julia Demopoulos is a Suffolk University campus correspondent majoring in print journalism, a fitting major for her dedication to Her Campus. She is a Massachusetts native from Dracut, but lives in East Boston now. Demopoulos joined Her Campus when she went to her school’s involvement fair as a freshman. The people from Her Campus were very welcoming, so she thought it would be a good place to make friends. Since she is now a campus correspondent, her story is inspiring to a freshman like me.

Aside from Her Campus, Julia’s hobbies include reading, hanging out with friends and going out to eat, especially if it involves chicken. She told me, “If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would definitely be some kind of chicken! Whether it is chicken fingers, chicken parmesan,  or grilled chicken, 9/10 times you see me eating, it’s probably chicken!”.

Credit: Suffolk University 

Julia likes that Her Campus allows her articles to be read by people everywhere, so if there is something we want to tell the world we actually have a way of doing it!

Personally, I couldn’t agree more.

Her favorite article she ever wrote was about how she cured her acne. She told me that, “it felt good to share my story with people and ultimately help them in their struggles with acne.” I’ve had acne also and this kind of article is very helpful, as well as something I might consider writing about in the future.

Credit: GoodHousekeeping

Julia’s favorite place she’s ever visited is Los Angeles, which she has been to several times since she has family there. Of Los Angeles, she said, “I love the energy there and I always feel so at home whenever I go”. She also enjoys watching movies including Pitch Perfect and The Greatest Showman. She especially enjoys the humor of Pitch Perfect and the storyline of The Greatest Showman, as well as the soundtracks of both movies. She told me, “I could watch these two movies over and over again, and they never get old to me”.

Credit: Discover Los Angeles 

It was pleasure interviewing Julia and seeing why Her Campus is meaningful to her, plus learn about her outside interests and hobbies that make her unique! Check out Julia’s work for Her Campus! 


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