Finding Your Passion in College

When I first started at BU, it seemed like everyone I met already knew exactly what they wanted to do. Asking what someone's major was got me a five-minute response discussing double majors, double minors, and a laundry list of outside interests and passion projects. When the person returned the question, my go-to answer for a long time was simply, “I don’t know.”

At first that response made me feel ashamed, but I finally realized that it is perfectly normal to not know what you want to do with your life. In most cases, when I see those people who knew what they wanted to do when we met at the start of college, they say that they have completely changed their majors anyway. 

Before I realized that I wanted to pursue journalism, I had to go through a period of personal growth and discovery. The key to finding your passion and career path is to spend some time getting to know yourself better.

Although this time can be difficult, I truly believe that you will come out of it as a better person, with a greater degree of self-awareness. It is only at this point that you can really start thinking about your future.

Most college students stress about finding a major and a career path right away, but taking the time to explore all of the possibilities is what will make your college experience worth it. Take electives that interest you, explore the city, and befriend people who aren’t like you one one way or another. I know that these things seem unrelated to finding your passion, but all of the experiences you have will lead you to self-discovery and motivation to create a life for yourself that you will love. 

Some people are lucky enough to feel drawn towards a certain path at a young age, but that is a very small group of people. The most important thing to take away from this is that finding your passion takes time -- it doesn’t happen overnight.