The Final Weeks of the Semester as Told by The Cast of Friends

However, before you can start celebrating with trips to the beach, and late summer brunches, you have to get through two more weeks.

Here is the week before exams, as told by the cast of Friends.

  1. 1. It’s called dead week, yet you have 3 papers due?

    Don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat. At this point, we’re just confused how we survived the semester and wondering how the next few weeks will go.

  2. 2. When you realize that they’re actually due tomorrow.

    When your professors said you had the whole month to prepare and write your paper, but you realize that the month is now over and you have to turn in your work.

  3. 3. When you finish your last lecture for your class.

    Bye. Bye. Bye.

  4. 4. When you actually look at your syllabus and realize it's not that much work.

    Hmmm...maybe it is not as bad as you thought. Perhaps your professors are showing you mercy with less work?

  5. 5. Then you actually sit down and start your work.

    Nope, your professors are not showing mercy. Now you realize that it is actually much more than you expected. It’s much more daunting the closer you look at it...or the closer the deadline becomes.

  6. 6. After finishing ⅛ of a project, you deserve a study break.

    You go girl! You deserve a study break.

  7. 7. After a quick study break, you try to get back to work.

    Yeah. It’s rough. Trying to get yourself to focus at this point is just not going to happen.

  8. 8. At this point, you’re so done you are ready to just take the L.

    Sometimes, it’s not even worth the effort. Just wing it and submit it. You’ll get much more sleep that way.

  9. 9. Speaking of sleep, you’re not getting much of that anyways.

    You’re up late because you’re working. Or, you stop working and then can’t sleep because you are worrying too much about all the work you have to do. And, how you won’t be getting enough sleep.

  10. 10. The lack of sleep is affecting your schedule; you’ve become too lazy to go to the gym and you embrace this new attitude.

    It just turns into a vicious cycle. No sleep means no motivation. No motivation means no gym. No gym means more food. But, maybe more food is a good thing?

  11. 11. You procrastinate finishing your paper by studying for your exams instead.

    Hey! At least you’re being productive and not looking through Friends gifs…..

  12. 12. Your brain is dancing to the macarena rather than working on your ten-page paper, so you decide it is in your best interest to go for a run.

    Maybe you’ll be ready to focus again. And if not, at least you’ll enjoy the spring day and burn off the pack of Ritz crackers you ate.

  13. 13. Once you finish your papers, you go to your professor to ask about whether their structure is good, except they only seem to care about one minor grammar mistake.

    But, hey! At least this is the last office hours you’ll have to attend, and you can now submit your paper.

  14. 14. Then, your professor sends an email reminding you that your final paper and final exam make up 35% of your final grade.

    We get it, Sarah. We get that this determines whether I have a future or not. You hold the power.

  15. 15. Just when you finally get into your productive finals groove, the plague infects you.

    Suddenly, you’re dying. Right when you were starting to get it together. Get some sleep and chug some Emergen-C. You’ll be just fine.., well, hopefully.

  16. 16. You study some more and finally start to understand the material...a couple of days before the exam.

    And, maybe you treat yourself to a salmon skin roll. Or two. Maybe one for each hour of studying you complete.

  17. 17. But, the exam is nearly here.

    It’s okay. Just take a couple of deep breaths and it will all be over soon. It’s like quickly taking off a Band-Aid.

  18. 18. You walk into the exam, and take it.

    It is what it is. Whatever happens, happens. At least you're basically done.

  19. 19. You walk out of the exam, and it wasn’t as bad as you thought.

    That seemed easier than expected. You probably aced it, but you have your suspicions.

  20. 20. After all that, you realize that you did it!

    You can now relax and pack up to go home! And maybe rewatch friends? Who said that?

We are down to the two final weeks of the semester, guys! You’ve got this!

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