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Fashion Must-Haves for Surviving February in Boston

Everyone knows that winter in Boston can be brutal. We find ourselves living in sweats, wearing at least two layers of clothes – even pants – and somehow, from head to toe, our clothes have faux fur all over them. It’s time to stop hiding from the harsh winds and snow under an embarrassing amount of clothing. As a resident of Boston, Massachusetts for almost twenty years now, I’ve found some tricks to hack the system, and I am prepared to share them with you now.

Fuzzy Jackets

I have a personal thing for fuzzy jackets. My closet is home to five different fuzzy jackets, all varying in color, fuzz level, material, brand, and style. The thing I love so much about fuzzy jackets and fuzzy clothes in general is that because of their material, they can keep you warm without being super thick. They also feel so nice on your skin when you wear them. The only downside is that you probably shouldn’t wear your fuzzy jackets in precipitation of any kind because they absorb everything and take forever to dry. All winter, I’ve been rocking fuzzy coats in the place of my usual knee-length down jacket, and I have been just as warm while being 3x as stylish, all while looking like a crazy person for wearing a thin jacket in the thick of Boston winter. Ditch fur, think fuzz.

Wool Socks

In my experience, even when it snows, I don’t like wearing snow boots. I have not found a pair that I think are actually stylish while also serving the purpose of being waterproof and warm for the winter time. So, what I end up doing is putting on a trusty pair of sneakers and schlepping them through the slush, ice, and snow. This usually ends with my feet being wet and the loss of feeling in my toes. To combat such a horrible situation, I wear wool socks! What’s even better is that fun socks are actually back in style. Wool socks are a great solution to the ugly snow boot and cold feet problems while also keeping up with the latest fashion trends! 

Disclaimer: I do go through a different pair of sneakers every other month, which is slightly more expensive than living with ugly boots for the winter. Oops. I still think it’s worth it, though.


Vests are cool because by warming your torso, your body is able to circulate blood throughout other parts of your body – like fingers and toes! That’s why fingers and toes are usually the first parts of the body to get cold: because your body prioritizes circulation in other places. Nothing like a little bit of science to spice up your day! Anyways, layering with a vest is a great way to stay warm while also not making yourself into a human marshmallow. Winter clothes can be so thick, and I personally hate walking around and feeling like I can’t bend over because I’m wearing five layers. 

The general theme here is staying warm while also staying in style. We shouldn’t have to forego our freedoms and hide under massive, thick jackets for four months out of the year just because we chose to live in the Northeast. What happened to freedom of expression?! Everyone looks the same in the winter, the only thing we have left is the color of our hats and jackets, and whether or not we’re the scarf-wearing type of person – or worse, the earmuff-wearing type of person. It’s time to stop letting the cold define us, people! Start wearing wool socks with sneakers! Wear vests instead of thick jackets! And most importantly, replace all of that horrible faux fur that we all know is in your closet with fuzz, because fuzz is simply the best. 

Good luck everyone. 

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Catherine, better known as Cat, is from Boston MA. She is a sophomore in the College of Communications at Boston University. Her hobbies include reading and taking walks, and she is also a member of BU's sailing team. Cat is currently pursuing a journalism major and is very excited to be a writer for HerCampus!
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