el Gran Hotel: Your New Binge-Worthy Show Is Here!

By Masha Komissarova

I stayed up watching this show from 9pm to 6am! I am not kidding. You know it’s serious when you stay up all night. Netflix's el Gran Hotel has drama, comedy, romance – everything that a good show needs. Grab a snack (my favorite; a mix of dark chocolate, peanut butter and banana) and sit comfortably in your bed. Let’s get started.

This was my first-time binge watching a show and let me tell you, the next day I felt sick... so, if you have school the next day I do not recommend binge-watching anything. Luckily I didn’t have school the next day so I caught up on sleep. Let me give you a quick synopsis: A young man named Julio goes to see his sister who works at a famously luxurious hotel – el Gran Hotel. When he gets there, he can’t find her and Julio’s search for his sister begins. With each episode, something dramatic happens in the show that keeps you watching.  

Here’s a few reasons why I started watching el Gran Hotel:  

1. Main reason: my Spanish class. This show can substitute for your Spanish homework (although, probably not really). At times characters speak slowly, so it’s very easy to understand them. And when they speak fast, that’s what the subtitles are for. Improve your Spanish at once!

2. The main character, Julio, is very attractive and it’s very visually appealing to watch him get in trouble.

3. All of the women characters (the mothers especially) are very powerful and intelligent. It’s a great inspiration for studying. Because let’s face it, they probably wouldn’t have been as powerful if they didn’t study in their time.

I highly recommend to watch el Gran Hotel. Even though it’s a bit cheesy at times, it’s a great show to practice Spanish and learn the work behind being a hotel owner.


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