The Dreamiest Songs for Your Springtime Playlist

As the weather begins to warm, and everything is in bloom, it is impossible not to feel like you’re walking on air when cruising the streets of Boston. While the sounds of the birds chirping and leaves swaying are quite calming, here are some songs that help put you into that easy breezy spring mood.

  1. 1. Kiss Me (Sixpence None the Richer)

    This song has always been a favorite of mine. The initial guitar strumming as the track opens, followed by the light tap of a drum, cannot help me make one want to start to sway. These continue to play to compliment Leigh Nash’s airy vocals as she details to inner joy and excitement that comes with a new love.

  2. 2. Oh, What a World (Kacey Musgraves)

    Musgraves knows how to write lyrics that touch her listeners. "Oh, What a World" is no exception, as it details all the wonders that exist in nature out there and how we need to take time to stop and appreciate this beauty more, in addition to those who we experience such moments with.

  3. 3. Speed of Sound (Coldplay)

    A steady drumbeat, a strong keyboard, and Chris Martin’s hopeful vocals make this song one of my all time favorite songs to listen to in the nicer weather. Martin, like Musgraves, explores the concepts of wonders in the world, as he explains that these sights can only be experienced through sight to be fully understood.

  4. 4. 3x5 (John Mayer)

    We all can be accused of being on our phones to take pictures when encountering something unique, rather than fully taking a moment to look at what is right in front of us. Mayer divulges into how only through our own eyes can the beauty of the world fully touch something within all of us and make us feel alive.

  5. 5. Darjeeling (Barrie)

    This song only recently came on my radar, as it is not even a month old. Barrie’s lead singer Barrie Lindsay makes you want to lay under a cherry tree all day and stare out at the Charles River. Her lightness in tone, along with a funky guitar and a clapping beat, evoke a certain sense of awe and transport you to a flowery dimension.

  6. 6. Blue Honey (Lunar Vacation)

    A quick tune, but a mood booster all the same! Lead singer Grace Repasky pieces together lyrics that play with the idea of longing, even playing with ideas from The Great Gatsby. Her vocals, supported by an electric guitar, synthesized keyboard, and a steady drumbeat, make a track that truly makes us excited for the warmer weather and all the possibilities that the future may hold.

  7. 7. Edge of the Ocean (Ivy)

    I first heard this song on Grey's Anatomy and fell in love. Ever since I cannot help but be taken away to a tropical destination in my mind. Ivy details how the ocean has the cleansing power to get rid of all the toxicity within our lives to make us feel reborn.  Next time you find yourself near the surf and sand, make sure to cue up this track to be transferred to be totally rejuvenated.

I hope these songs leave you feeling in a dreamy and pleasant mindset!


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