A Dorm Workout Routine That Will Have the Gym Quaking

Gym-timidation; it’s a thing. You strut into the gym wearing your new Fabletics leggings or Gymshark sports bra, swipe your card like the fierce human you are, and then realize that there are at least twenty people battling for dumbbells at the weight rack.

Sure, that one cute guy gives you a glance and you feel like Kayla Itsines. But at the cost of waiting around for five-pound weights that more than ten people have touched in the last hour? No, thanks.

I feel ya girl. Going to the gym is extremely inconvenient sometimes, especially during exam season. But, lucky for you I have designed a full body workout that will have the gym quaking. Time to intimidate the gym.

(Please note that these workouts can be made to target certain areas by eliminating some parts and increasing the reps on others. Also, I am no expert: these workouts I just created out of pure workout boredom. If you have certain health issues, please consult your doctor about doing these exercises.)


Set of hand weights (I found these on Amazon)


  1. 1. Step One: Warm Up

    If you have stairs in your building, try climbing down a few flights at a brisk pace and then climbing back up. We are not looking to go into cardiac arrest, just simply warm-up the muscles that have hardened into stone as we sit at our desks all day. If not, try the count-down method of jumping jacks (10 jumping jacks, then 9, then 8, all the way down).

  2. 2. Step Two: Stretch

    When your muscles are warmed up, it’s easier and more effective to work in a quick stretch.

  3. 3. Step Three: Overhead Dumbbell Press

    Stand with your back straight and feet placed firmly on the ground. Using the dumbbells, place your arms bent upward (like a field goal) and press upward. Then return to the position. Repeat 10-25 times and do 2-3 sets.

  4. 4. Step Four: Shoulder Taps

    Get into a plank position on the floor, with your back straight. Once in position, take one hand and touch the opposite shoulder. Return it to the ground and do the same with the other hand. Repeat 10-25 times and do 2-3 sets.

  5. 5. Step Five: Squat into Tricep Dip

    We love a good combo. Holding one of the dumbbells with both hands at the center of your chest, stand with your feet shoulder length apart with your toes facing slightly outward. Squat, making sure that your knees are above your toes. When you come up, extend your arms above your head and lower the weight behind your head. Then, bring the weight slowly back to the extended position and return to the center of your chest. Repeat 10-15 times and do 2-3 sets.

  6. 6. Step Six: Bicep Curl into Calf Raises

    Another combo! Stand with your feet shoulder length apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand. With your back straight, slowly bend one of your arms straight up and then lower. After you lower, stand on your tiptoes while still holding the weights by your side. Return to flat feet and curl the other arm. Repeat 10-15 times for 2-3 sets.

  7. 7. Step Seven: Crunches

    Lay on the ground with your legs lifted and bent. Lift your shoulders off of the ground to feel your abs crunch. Then, return to the ground and repeat. Repeat 10-20 times and do 2-4 sets.

  8. 8. Step Eight: Reverse crunch

    Lay on the ground and lift your legs straight into the air. Use your lower abs to lift your lower back off of the ground while keeping your legs straight. Repeat 10-20 times and do 2-4 sets.

  9. 9. Step Nine: Bicycle Crunch

    Lay on the ground, with your hands behind your head. Lift your shoulders and legs slightly off of the ground. Then, touch your elbow to your opposite knee. Repeat 10-20 times and do 2-4 sets.

  10. 10. Step Ten: Stretch It Out

    Congrats, you made it! Do some of your favorite stretches (touch your toes, stretch out your arms, cobra stretch for the back, etc.). Take time to appreciate all your body does for you throughout the day: walking long distances, carrying a heavy backpack, enduring copious amounts of caffeine. It’s a good way to be mindful and positive about your mental and physical strength.

Now go out there and flaunt those Carrie Underwood legs!

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