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Dorm Day In


As we progress into the school year, the weather is transitioning to fall. Of course, instead of getting mild weather, we get gray skies and rain. For those of you don’ enjoy the misty, rainy weather,  here’s a way to have a good time indoors:

First and foremost, stock up on your favorite snacks. The point of a dorm day in is to not have to leave your dorm. You should have all the essentials within reach. Good choices include chips, cookies, and – of course – your favorite chocolate and candy.

Second, make sure you have enough blankets and pillows for you to be comfortable. Since you’re having a day in, you want to be as comfortable as possible – which can be difficult in the stuffy dorms. If you’re looking for decent finds at cheap prices, try the Goodwill in West Campus past Raising Cane’s.

Third, find something you want to watch. If you have a TV, BU offers cable so you can choose anything on there to watch or play your own movies. However, if you’re like most of us on campus without a TV, you can try using Netflix or streaming (remember torrenting files can be fined on campus!) to catch up on your favorite shows. Gilmore Girls just released on Netflix, so there’s something you can definitely spend time watching.


Fourth, decide whether you want to have a day alone or invite friends. It can be nice to have some time off from everyone to relax, but if you want to spend time with friends, definitely invite some people over and make it into a sleepover. Whichever you do, definitely consider ordering takeout from places like Nud Pob (Thai food), Noodle St. (Chinese food), and even Panera Bread. If you want to make your life easier, order from Dominoes, which takes dining points.

Every collegiate™ deserves a day off, and a rainy day is the perfect background to have one. 


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