Disney Home Décor You Need to Have

Whether I’m redoing my room at home or moving back into my apartment at college, I love to decorate! Plus, decorating with Disney-themed goodies is even more exciting. There are so many variations of Disney décor out there—minimalist and subtle, cutesy, bold—that you can fit any style! I tend to lean more to the cutesy, minimalist vibes (except at this point I have so much Disney décor it probably combines to be a bold style, oops). Here are some ideas for you to get started, but there’s so many more out there! 


  1. 1. Wall Art

    This is probably the simplest form of décor. I found a lot of my art at garage sales/estate sales—it’s a good way to find vintage pieces that you can’t get elsewhere! Of course, you can also buy prints online or at the Disney Store. There are also wall decals galore if that’s more your thing.

  2. 2. Plushies

    This definitely isn’t for everyone, but I like plushies and I’m not ashamed of it (usually)! They’re just the easiest way to add Disney into a room, especially because almost every character is made into a stuffed animal. They’re also such a cute souvenir from the parks if you get a chance to go.

  3. 3. Thomas Kinkade Calendar

    If you want to spice up your desk area, check out the Disney calendars by Thomas Kinkade. I get one every year because the artwork is just so magical. It’s not as loud as some other décor options either.

  4. 4. Pop Figures 

    Again, this is cutesier décor, and a great touch if you have a bookshelf you want to decorate. There are just so many options, and they come out with new ones very rapidly! Plus, I love the special edition sparkle or diamond Pops!

  5. 5. Coffee Table Books/Magazine

    If you want to pretend you’re an adult, having a coffee table book or magazine is the way to go. There are a bunch of special-edition Disney magazines that come out every so often for anniversary dates (ie: Times Magazine). If you want a book, there are artwork books from the movies that are incredible to skim through!

  6. 6. Jim Shore Figurines

    Jim Shore has a huge array of Disney statues that range in size and characters. They can be pricier, but they’re really cute and will look adorable on a bedside table, bookshelf, or desk. He also has non-Disney figurines too.

  7. 7. Other Thingamabobs

    The options for Disney décor are endless. You could also try sprucing up your desk with Disney pens, add a throw blanket to your couch, or find some Mickey ear fairy lights!

I hope you’ll find some inspiration from this list to add a little bit of magic to your home! I love how these little touches brighten up a room and make me smile every time I see them. What’s your favorite Disney décor piece?

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