Dennis Marquis (ENG 15')

Dennis Marquis leaves an impression on you. He’s undeniably intelligent and kind.  Dennis is a junior in the school of engineering and is majoring in biomedical engineering. He’s in the Tau Beta Pi engineering society and was previously a Learning Assistant for Chemistry 101. Next year he hopes to be an engineering advisor for freshmen. Additionally, Dennis is close with his brothers of Delta Tau Delta and is on the executive board.

Dennis is clearly a busy guy between engineering and his clubs on campus. “When I do have time for hobbies, I like to play pick up games of soccer and lacrosse at the gym. I also like to play chess online which is a little nerdy, but I play against some pretty good people.”

Dennis is looking for a fun girl, “I like a girl who has a good sense of humor and is dedicated to whatever they’re doing. I don’t like it when girls act less intelligent than they really are” Dennis says.  Dennis also likes when girls take initiative to talk to him. “It’s nice when a girl takes the initiative to text me first once in a while rather than wait for me to text her all the time.” Dennis explains, “I like it when girls don’t play those games or have that rule that they can’t ever text a guy first.”

Dennis’s idea of a great first day is very sweet. “I’d probably like to take a girl to dinner and then go get ice cream by the beach.”  Oh, and ladies, he’s single.


Fun Facts about Dennis

  • He’s a twin
  • His favorite candy is Reeces
  • His eyes are different colors. His left is blue and his right eye is hazel. This phenomena is called Heterochromia (Thanks for the science lesson Dennis!)