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Dear Class of 2020: This Sucks

My dearest Class of 2020—

On behalf of the literal world (not that it’s anyone’s fault), I’d like to apologize for our loss.

I know that the world in crisis mode is a very big tragedy. I know lives have been lost, and there is fear everywhere. I know that this pandemic is a big deal.

But I also know how sad, how disappointed and disheartened I am. I remember the joys of graduating in 2016, saying goodbye to friends as I left my hometown, and the immense pride I felt from getting my high school diploma (which was honestly a given). I was looking forward to feeling that pride and joy again, and, even though my graduation hasn’t technically been canceled yet, I already feel as though that excitement has been taken away from me.

I was already planning my end of the year ~rager~ to say goodbye to friends from the last four years and to celebrate the start of real adult life. I was making plans to keep my family entertained in my city. I was excited to look forward, but now I’m sad and looking back at all moments from the last four years, hoping they aren’t the last ones I make with my friends.

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Finally, I’ve seen a number of ~older~ adults call graduating seniors (both in high school and college) a number of names for expressing their sadness or disappointment over this, and I really just want everyone to know that your emotions are valid. It is completely possible to experience negative emotions related to the loss of graduation and still recognize that canceling graduation festivities is a necessary step for everyone’s safety.

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I promise we will make it through and I promise we will celebrate our successful collegiate journeys very soon. Hang in there.

With love,

An extremely disappointed senior


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Jericha is a senior at Boston University studying Psychology and Public Health. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, especially country and worships Taylor Swift and the band Joseph. She enjoys food and thinks avocados are too small for how expensive they are. When school is out of session, you can find her skillfully avoiding sunshine - working at Boston Children’s Hospital.
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