College Gets Easier, I Promise

The difficulties that come with freshman and sophomore year are because you’re still adjusting. You have a new life, new friends, a new home, and you're really trying to find your niche. On top of that, the workload from high school and college is so different.

More importantly, in an ideal world, as you move into your junior and senior years of college, there’s a clearer focus on what you enjoy studying. Here’s rule of thumb for anything college-related: if you enjoy it, you’re going to do better. You also pick up some handy skills along the way, such as time management, and you learn what works for you.

Some people wait until later in their academic careers to finish their general requirements, which works fine. As someone who’s constantly working, I love that all of my classes are relevant to what I want in my career. It’s helpful and motivating to feel like I’m close to getting where I want to go.

For the underclassmen who are struggling, just know that college gets better. Good luck on finals everyone and enjoy winter break!


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