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Charcuterie 101: 5 Charcuterie Boards I Am In Love With

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Picnic season has ended, but that doesn’t mean charcuterie season has to. One of the best things about charcuterie boards is how versatile they are. Here are five awesome charcuterie board ideas to inspire your next graze board preparations! 

Spooktober Spread

This autumn-themed charcuterie board is perfect for a Spooktober movie night. The little pumpkin in the center is adorable and, along with the cheddar cheese, sets up an orange color palette. Further adding to the mood is the pomegranate fruit, which in Ancient Greek mythology is said to be the fruit of the Underworld. How much spookier can you get than that? 

Sweet and Salty

This sweet and salty grazing is perfect for indecisive snackers. With sweet little snacks like cookies, and savory originals like cheese and crackers, this board really has the best of both worlds. Whether your guests have a sweet tooth or are hardcore traditional, this sweet and salty charcuterie board has options for everyone. 

Cavity Inducing 

Maybe you don’t like savory foods or are looking for the perfect after-dinner dessert spread to wow your guests. This cavity-inducing charcuterie board is a sweet tooth’s dream. Lined with all sorts of delectable treats and delicious candies, this dessert board allows your guests to pick and choose exactly what they want to eat. 

Early in the Morning

This board puts another twist on the traditional charcuterie board by replacing it with breakfast items. I usually do not like eating breakfast, but I definitely would if someone made me this board! This is perfect to make for family brunches or when cooking with friends. And the pancakes can be easily exchanged with waffles or other breakfast items if you want.

Holiday Cheer

Maybe you’ve noticed a pattern already. I love desserts and all things sweet. This charcuterie board has been transformed into a hot chocolate serving station, and better yet, it is Christmas themed! I love the holiday season, and drinking hot chocolate is such a big tradition. Make it extra festive this year by displaying all the toppings, ingredients, and holiday mugs in a Christmas themed hot chocolate tray. 

Charcuterie boards are as fun to make as they are delicious. I almost like planning and designing my own charcuterie boards as much as I do eating them. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unique combinations and fun holiday themes. Happy eating. 

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Cindy is a sophomore at BU, studying biology and computer science. In her free time, when she's not reading and writing HC articles, she is probably eating sushi and rewatching the Harry Potter movies for the 100th time. She also likes to keep active through hiking, practicing yoga, and playing tennis. Her life goal is to become a polyglot but so far, she's only fluent in two languages and barely has Dora the Explorer proficiency in the third.
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