Celebrating March 8th – Russia's Valentine's Day for Women

What did I do on the 8th of March? Physically, I was stuck in the airport. My Delta flight to NYC was, once again, delayed (who hasn’t been there). But as I was there, I was getting a lot of text messages that made me feel the mood of the 8th of March –  Russia's own Women's Day. 

At 8 a.m. my 92 year old grandmother, Vera, called to congratulate me. On the 8th of March, flowers and congratulations that consist of loving words are a must-have. My grandmother told me that in Russia everyone has already given her and each other flowers, and that she can’t wait to see me.

Photo Credit: pndblog

I got a second celebratory text from my other grandmother also wishing me love, happiness and joy. And, during the day, I got notifications of celebration in my Russian Club group chat.

So, what exactly did the messages of celebration contain? Friendship, affection, and cheerfulness for women; all women: friends, mothers, grandmothers.

The 8th of March is a very important celebration and a tradition in Russia. Valentine’s Day, for example, is not so popular, but the 8th of March is huge! 

So, want to up your game on the 8th of March? Make this your new tradition: always buy yourself flowers on the 8th of March and, most importantly, congratulate other women around you. It’s your day to celebrate with your female community! Celebrate yourself and others!

Happy (belated) 8th of March!!

Much love,



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