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Campus Cutie: Ravi Agrawal (CAS ’18)

Meet this week’s Campus Cutie – Ravi Agrawal, a 19-year-old freshman from New Jersey. He is majoring in Medical Sciences, set to graduate in seven years from Boston University Medical campus. If you’re looking for someone smart and driven, he’s your guy.

While being a doctor was expected for him, he says that he doesn’t mind the career choice. The idea of helping others and doing something for the greater good is incredible, two of the many reasons for his decision to take on the seven year medical program.

In addition to taking chemistry class, Ravi enjoys writing poetry in his spare time. He occasionally participates in spoken word by performing in front of small crowds. When not writing poetry, he spends Tuesday and Thursday nights with Boston University Jalwa, a co-ed Indian fusion dance team. Talk about multi-talented!

When asked about his ideal first date, Ravi believes in establishing connections rather than starting out with anything physical. He finds that the location is pretty irrelevant as long as the conversation flows. If you’re looking for someone to listen to you and give you great advice, Ravi’s your guy.

He wants a girl who takes pride in her own achievements and has self-respect. While he doesn’t mind encouraging his friends, he prefers someone who is confident in their actions and choices.

He himself enjoys storytelling, a side effect of his love for poetry. He plans to break into writing geared towards film in the future. For now, he has picked up an interest in photography to go along with his writing skills. If you’re skilled with a camera, he’d definitely appreciate the advice as a beginner himself.

He also prefers a sassy girl to keep things interesting and ever-changing. Specifically, he just wants a girl to feel comfortable with – “a love that doesn’t make [Ravi] feel stagnant”.

Really, Ravi loves to talk and be sociable so a girl that can match that same sort of openness would be the ideal girl for him.

Though he may not have much experience in college just yet, he’s excited to see what the next two years of undergrad hold for him.

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