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Campus Cutie: Kate Jarrett (CAS 2016)

Do you want a future lawyer wife who can help you stay out of trouble? The perfect choice is right here at BU’s CAS: Kate Jarett. Kate is a political science major, one of the captains on BU’s competitive Mock Trial team, interns for a law firm downtown, and aspires to be an attorney.

This cutie is not only a gorgeous redhead, but she is also confident, sophisticated, and intelligent. You’ll find her wearing statement necklaces that compliment her simple but stylish clothing. By the way, think before starting an argument with this cutie, because she’ll win!

Want to take this cutie out on a date? Well make sure to treat her to a nice, hip restaurant with a full bar. She’ll talk to you all night about her dolphin obsessions over drinks.

Kate loves to keep a busy schedule; she is always occupied and flying from city to city. But, when she is in Boston, you can find this cutie at the Redstone Courtroom, FitRec, Sunset Cantina, and the GSU. Don’t let her cool intimidate you! Make sure to smile at this cutie if you see her!

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