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Boston University’s on-campus magazine Off The Cuff released its Spring 2015 issue this week. The organization hosted a pre-release brunch which included a fashion show and musical entertinament. Towards the end of the event, the staff drew back a literal red curtain and unveiled the cover of Volume 2 Issue 2. 

(Off The Cuff Magazine // @offthecuffmag)

The magazine cover is bold and edgy much like the fashion. The cover model, who is decorated in wispy and fantastical tattoos, poses with a fearless attitude while wearing yelllow-tinted aviators. Who is the spectacle behind the spectacles? He is just like us. This model is BU student Calvin Chin!

Calvin is an undergraduate in CFA, concentrating in Graphic Design. Being the new face of Off The Cuff, Her Campus BU wanted to know the process behind the artwork, but more about the artist himself.

1. How does it feel to be the cover star of the Spring 2015 issue of Off The Cuff? What was your first reaction? 

I’m surprised, honestly, since I am new to the club and had no expectation that that would happen. I remember getting a bunch of texts from friends, who were sending me pictures of the cover!

2. What have you learned from your involvement with the magazine? What is a day like as a model? Do you have more than one role? Is there another position you would like to take over in the future?

What I’ve observed from Off the Cuff is that the organization is supported by individual teams. There are people coming up with ideas for photoshoots, writing articles, posting articles, designing the magazine, and modeling. As a model, it requires time, willingness, and enthusiasm to run with the ideas at hand. In addition to being a model, I’m also an art director that works on the magazine’s design. In the future, I think it would be nice to see the art directors have more leadership in the creative design. 

3Off The Cuff showcases edgy and classy fashion. How do you classify your sense of style? How do you like to identify yourself on campus?

I would [somewhat] jokingly say my dress is basic. I’ve tried to focus on accumulating staples and simple colors. I would buy a lot more to diversify my wardrobe if I could. Currently, I am more fascinated by urban streetwear and monochromatic dress. Oh, and wool topcoats were an obsession of mine.

4. On the topics of fashion and art, photography seems to be a very strong passion of yours based off Instagram posts. Would you consider photography as a hobby? What do you look for in a picture? 

I think that photography would be considered as one of my hobbies. I don’t take it too seriously, though. I try to approach my Instagram as a blend of mostly fashion and design, using photography as a medium to express that. I like finding visually appealing things in my day-to-day life and elevating them into something more.

5. The fashion industry is quite fast-paced, as you may well know. You always seem to be hustling and bustling and exploring about Boston and afar. How would you describe the perfect travel day? What do you enjoy doing? 

Oh, I am so predictable on this. An ideal travel day would involve no commitments to being anywhere at a certain time. I love going to coffee shops because I feed off of that environment. It’s nice to go there to work by yourself or to socialize, and I’m a coffee drinker so there’s that. I do love going out to eat, which right now is problematic because I seem to be doing it way too often. But trying new foods is definitely something I love doing. If I can visit any design-related places like museums or bookstores, that’s always a plus. Printed Matter in New York City is the first place that comes to mind. 

6. Have there been and are there still opportunities on campus where you have been able to express yourself creatively?

Does CFA count? (Laughs). Besides my classes, I’m a part of AIGA which is a design-based student group at BU. We hold design-based events around campus from time to time. Other than that, for me, it comes down to personal mediums like Instagram and Tumblr.

We are imagining coffee dates and Instagram photoshoots in NYC right now and it sounds amazing. This Campus Cutie is sure the model of a perfect date. 


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