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California Girl in a Boston World

To all my California girls living in a Boston world, here’s to you. If you are from California, here are 10 things that probably apply to your life:

1. The first thing you do after coming back to CA after vacation/school is eat at In-N-Out.

There is nothing like In-N-Out, regardless of whether you eat meat or not. Their grilled cheese is just as amazing because of the sauce. And, of course, you know about the not-so-secret menu and exactly what to order off of it.

2. Anything below 60 degrees is considered freezing.

One of the biggest transitions from West Coast to East Coast is acclimating to the weather.

3. You own a pair of Rainbows.

While Boston may have an obsession with Hunter boots, Rainbow sandals are always in style on the West Coast. These flip-flops mold to your feet, which makes them perfect for walking around all day long in the warm California sunshine. These flip flops will last for years.

4. You’ve been asked if you know celebrities many times.

Not everyone from California lives in or around Hollywood or Los Angeles. We don’t all know Mila Kunis or Jennifer Aniston. Nor do we always go to school with celebrities’ children.

But more often than not, we’ll probably be able to give you a good story related to a celebrity.

5. You didn’t know what humidity was.

California has dry heat, and so coming to Boston, which has humidity, is difficult to deal with since we have never had to account for it. In summer months, it is a pain to deal with the frizziness that comes with the humidity.

6. You get nostalgic when you see Facebook occasionally blow up with earthquake statuses from your friends back home.

The other day, my friend from the East Coast asked me about earthquakes and asked if my family and friends were okay. I’m actually not altogether sure why we, as Californians, like to post statuses about every little earthquake but I guarantee you that most times, the earthquake serves more to amuse than to harm.

7. You know what real road rage is.

Traffic in Boston might be insane, but it’s nothing compared to rush hour in LA. If for some reason you get stuck during this horrible time, be prepared to be tailgated and honked at.

8. You never used public transportation till you got to Boston.

In California (especially Southern California), almost all residents own a car because it’s just an easier way to travel. Most people haven’t even discovered the Metro, LA’s public transportation system. Imagine our surprise when we realized one of the best ways to get around is actually taking public transportation.

9. You can go to the beach in the winter.

While people here are bundled up in North Faces and winter boots, girls in California are taking to the beach to tan. The Facebook pictures that ensue only serve as a reminder as to question how we even managed to leave the beautiful weather.  

10. You hate it when people refer to California as “Cali.”

Fact: People from California do not refer to California as “Cali.”


Although California may be on the best coast; Boston, Massachusetts will always hold a special place in our hearts.


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