California Dreaming—Or Warming Up to Boston?

My home in Boston and my home in California are similar in a few ways. One, they both have cool trees that are probably really old; Two, they both have a river that is beloved; Three, they both have cars and people and birds. That last one is only a little bit true, because Boston has about 10 times the amount of all three. Does that give you an idea of how distant these homes are? I’m talking to you, my 4,000 readers!

Well, I’ll just say that I have never had so many neighbors in my life. And I may be doing this wrong, but I’m pretty sure they’re not the kind of neighbors you invite for dinner or babysit for. Instead, you stand silently in the elevator and pretend the person next to you didn’t just audibly stomach-growl.

Alisa Anton U_Z0X Alisa Anton / Unsplash They’re the kind of neighbors where you never see the same one twice, and if you do, don’t expect even a half-grin. In fact, maybe give them an evil eye. Yeah, I think I’m doing this wrong.

In Northern California you can see the stars, pet a cat, shower without shoes on. In Boston, you can walk to McDonalds. 

Clearly, both places have their perks! I know I’m biased and also just a scared teen living across the country, but none of what I’ve said is untrue.  The Lalagirl Walking With Leather Bag Her Campus Media

However, I guess there are some cute things about my new home that I’m gradually discovering, as I did with my old one. Like how the squirrels here will come right up close to you because nothing scares them anymore, or how an old man sitting on a milk carton thought I was Taylor Swift. Those things you couldn’t get over in the sunny silence of NorCal. 

Boston, my new and slippery home, I want you to know that I am really warming up to you. And I like that you’re not trying too hard to get me there. Though it’s serene over in my old backyard, I think it’s time for some bustling culture for me. 


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