Business & Beauty— Introducing Mary Kay’s Newest Side Hustle for Innovative Beauty Gurus

By Jane Avery

We all have feminist icons in our lives— the best kinds of people and brands to align and identify ourselves with. Who doesn’t love a great girl-looking-out-for-girl situation? While Mary Kay, a well-known makeup brand, isn’t your best friend (even though some of these products might become the new staples of your beauty routine!), the brand is a staple for female empowerment! For just over half a century, Mary Kay has been encouraging and helping women across the globe discover their true beauty with a curated list of products that will fit anyone’s makeup or skincare niche.

Not only does Mary Kay empower women when it comes to makeup, but there’s another amazing opportunity offered to Her Campus members looking for a side hustle that gives you all kinds of skills to fill those resumes and networking opportunities! For those interested in Mary Kay’s amplified college ambassador program, it’s so easy to get involved and connected with so many sources of help and support. College women can work as Beauty Consultants for each other without the commitment and stress of a full-time job. Mary Kay is super clear that they're open to working with women who desire different levels of commitment and makes it easy to do so with a packed starter kit for all of their consultants.

Beyond the new opportunity for career advancement and networking, those who work with Mary Kay via this program get some truly incredible perks! Mary Kay will offer Beauty Consultants generous product rewards, up to a 50% take on every Mary Kay product you sell, a whole trip to The Bahamas this year, and even a turn in the Mary Kay Career Car (so long as you have your license!). Even before becoming a Beauty Consultant, you’re connected with a current one to learn the ropes, so Mary Kay is really looking out for you every step of the way!

Photo Credit: Shani's Office

I was lucky enough to get sent a ton of Mary Kay’s Makeup Remover and Lash Love Mascara! The oil-free makeup remover comes in a clear squeeze bottle, perfect for a cotton pad or ball when you’re taking your makeup off. Taking everything off after a long day isn’t supposed to be stressful for your skin, and you can really tell that this formula is gentle without any harsh scrubbing needed. All of you out there with contact lenses, trust me, this is one of the best and safest makeup removers for your eyes if you’re still wearing your contact lenses at the end of a long day.

Photo Credit: Mary Kay

I also absolutely loved the mascara— it is the perfect makeup product to complete your look and make it absolutely flawless. Infused with Vitamin E, Mary Kay’s mascara keeps those lashes moisturized and healthy without any fears of breakage. The difference between your lashes without the mascara and with it is incredible. The product feels just as lightweight as when you’re not wearing it. There is no clumping, and also no mascara stains after a swim or a shower to worry about: feel free to wear it all day, we trust that it will keep those lashes looking amazing all day!

Photo Credit: Mary Kay

Both of these products and more are what you can get from Mary Kay’s Beauty Consultant program! Happy signing up, and we hope to see some of you getting involved in helping other people find their true colors and confidence! Looking for more inspiration and great products? Check out @MaryKay on Twitter and @marykayus on Instagram. 


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