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WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB! If you aren’t already familiar with this catchphrase from beloved Cartoon Network show Rick and Morty, consider binging all three seasons before reading further. The animated series was created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, two brilliant and hysterical writers and animators. The show was originally began as a parody inspired by Back to the Future, but ended up turning into a series of its own. The show focuses around a dysfunctional suburban family but mainly Rick, the sociopathic, nihilistic, alcoholic grandfather and his grandson Morty going on intergalactic adventures. To make it fun, I’ve decided to describe some of my favorite Rick and Morty scenes as BU majors/minors. This is all purely for fun, no shade here!

1. Political Science Majors

We get it, you’re super opinionated and have A LOT to say.

2. STEM Majors 

Eat, sleep, science. That’s it.

3. Philosophy Majors

Existential crisis? Oh, on the daily. Morty tells it how it is.

5. Photography Majors

Can’t miss that perfect group shot! Definitely going in The Daily Free Press.

6. Business Major

Sleep? While being in Questrom? Honestly, never heard of it. 

7. Pre-Med Track

Alright, maybe not the eating organs part. You get the point.

8. Sustainable Energy Minors

Gotta start moving away from those fossil fuels somehow…

9. Women’s Studies Majors


10. Psychology Majors

It’s okay, we got your back. Lemme just psychoanalyze you…

11. Economics Majors

Everything. Knows EVERYTHING about the economy. 

12. Physics Majors

Did you see that too?

13. Nutrition Majors 

No really, trust us. That 50% Domino’s coupon code isn’t doing anyone any good.

13. Sociology Majors

It’s a science people, science. It’s an art.

15. All Majors 

Homework? Reading? Nah. We could all really use a vacation.

Hopefully, you’re either halfway through the first episode or rewatching some of your favorites. Either way, it’s obvious that Rick and Morty can be applied to really any major or minor, out of context. Alright, brb, I’m gonna go rewatch Anatomy Park in my Meeseek’s socks.


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Natalie B. Held is a senior at Boston University majoring in political science and minoring in women’s and gender studies. The B stands for Brooke except she doesn’t like Brooke. She just likes B and that’s all. When she’s not influencing, writing, or politicking—you can find Natalie scoping out new brunch spots, purchasing exorbitant amounts of lipsticks, and obsessing over the latest pink trends.
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