Bring the Garden Inside

Do you think just because you live in an apartment that you can’t have fresh herbs to complement your favorite meals? Well, with just a few pots, a windowsill, and some sun, you can have your own indoor herb garden.

All you need to do is think about what you would like to grow! My favorites are mint for tea, basil to eat with fresh mozzarella, and rosemary because I think everything is better with rosemary.

First, check out how much space you have available that gets natural sunlight—a south facing windowsill that gets six hours of sunlight is preferred. Your containers do not have to be traditional terra cotta pots. You are only limited by your own imagination.

The only requirements are enough drainage holes in the bottom and make sure it’s large enough to support your plants but not too large that your plants spend all of their energy just growing their roots.

I am partial to a rectangular, white, ceramic, container on a colorful saucer.

Now for the herbs, you have two choices. You can start from seeds—they would take one to two weeks to germinate and then you would transfer to your pot—or you can take a shortcut like me and buy some growing seedlings and just transplant them.

Once you have picked out your containers and have selected your plants, buy a quality indoor potting mix. You can always consult with your local garden shop for suggestions. Now, all you have left to do is transplant your seedlings, water daily, and wait for the magic.                                             

In four to eight weeks, you will be enjoying delicious fresh herbs from your very own garden. Don’t forget to talk to your plants and invite friends over to share!


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