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Goodbye October, Hello November: The Best 5 Fall Songs to Help Usher in the New Month

October has brought chilly temperatures, beautifully colored trees, and tons of pumpkins. I’ve started going on walks every other day — usually on the esplanade or in off-campus parks — to enjoy the fall weather. Over the course of the month, I’ve found songs that really capture the essence of fall, and they’ve definitely gotten stuck in my head! For a nice stroll in the afternoon, here are a few of my favorite songs for fall:

“Bambi” by Clairo

A pretty song that is sure to make your worries melt away. Clairo’s vocals are enchanting, and the instrumentation is second to none. I would recommend checking out the entire album this song is from, Sling. It’s a must-listen!

“The Latter Teens” by Vansire

This track, for me, is nostalgia in a song. There’s a kind of lightness it possesses that made me have the song on repeat for a few days.

“Michicant” by Bon Iver

This song is hauntingly stunning. With a mix of melancholy and vigor, it’s a song that will surely stick with you. It’s perfect for when you want to get lost for a few minutes.

“Motion Sickness” by Phoebe Bridgers

A wonderful song from a talented lady. This track is powerful, especially the lyrics, and it resonated with me for a while. It matches the fall vibe perfectly.

“Cool With You” by Her’s

This groovy track will be sure to make anyone dance down the sidewalk. It’s upbeat and fun, like the rest of this band’s stellar catalog, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

OCTOBer may be coming to an end, but fall isn’t over yet! These songs are the perfect soundtrack to get you through midterm season and heading towards the holiday season.

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Class of 2025 journalism student at Boston University. Loves listening to music and exploring the city, and pet every dog that goes by.
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