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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Finals season is approaching, and with it, seemingly endless study sessions. The trick with study sessions, however, is that they’re only as effective as the breaks we take. Unfortunately, most of us resort to social media and online shopping for breaks, which is far from a good idea. These can send us on spirals where we lose our focus and time. 

To counter these habits and relax in more thoughtful ways, here are five websites to go on during study breaks. You’ll find yourself refreshed to continue studying in no time!

Google Feud

Google Feud is a great way to pass time during a quick study break because it’s not a very complicated game to figure out, unlike other short games that thrill you for a short while but eventually get tedious enough for you to stop playing.

Weave Silk

Channeling your creative side can be a great way to destress, and Weave Silk is the perfect website for that. You get to create a colorful symmetrical design on your screen without any effort. The process of creating whatever you want can be incredibly pleasing to the eye and mind. 

Gravity Points

A somehow stressful, yet relaxing game to play is “Gravity Points,” where you (surprise) create points of gravity in space and matter changes its motion in response. The physics of the universe don’t exactly align with the principles of this game, but it can be fun to watch resulting changes on the screen. 


FrankenSim lets you act as Dr. Frankenstein and create your own monster by rearranging different organs. It can be amusing to explore as an incredible amount of effort was put into designing this website and its features. It’ll 100% take your mind off finals… unless you’re studying biology.  

LOL My Thesis 

This website might just strike a nerve, but will leave you laughing. The website has college students submit funny, sarcastic, or stupid summaries of their theses. Spoiler alert: they’re hilarious. You could also see it as a critical commentary on research and academic writing, but this is meant to serve as a study break, so I’d recommend just letting go for a bit and enjoying it.

These websites are great for a short study break, as they’ll cheer you up without being so compelling that you struggle to resume studying. But, the most important things to do on a study break are to drink water and walk around for a while. Detaching yourself from a screen or textbook can recharge your mind like nothing else. 

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Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.