Best Coffee Shops to Study at in Boston

Coffee is fun. Studying is not. But if you combine the two, you end up somewhere in the middle. Here’s a list of some nice cafes around Boston to unwind and make studying a little less miserable during midterms!


1. Pavement Coffeehouse 

This one is a given due to its convenient location in the middle of BU’s campus. Although the place is always packed during the day, after about 5 p.m., it really empties out. Pavement has great food, coffee, and tea, as well as great playlists all the time!


2. Blue State Coffee 

Another BU favorite, Blue State is a popular place for residents of West Campus. It tends to be less crowded than Pavement and a little quieter, making it an ideal place to study. An extensive coffee menu will keep you going when the studying gets difficult, and they are open until 10 p.m. every night!


3. George Howell Coffee

Take the T to Downtown Crossing, where you’ll find this urban oasis. George Howell is a leader in the coffee industry and his single-origin coffees alone are worth the trip. Decorated with art from the Huichol natives of Mexico, the shop is serene and will keep you calm even when you are stressed about exams.


4. The Thinking Cup 

With one location on Newbury Street and another near Boston Common, the thinking cup serves great coffee and food in a warm, low-lit setting. The cafe is always bustling and you will find people furiously typing on their laptops at each table. It can be hard to get a table at this cafe, but if you do it is a truly enjoyable place to study for a few hours.


5. Tatte Bakery and Cafe

Many BU students are familiar with Tatte’s Brookline location, but their other locations tend to be less crowded and better for studying. If you are willing to take an autumn stroll to Cambridge, the Harvard Square location is a spacious, two-floor cafe with plenty of seating. Great pastries and coffee don’t hurt either!


6. Farmer Horse Coffee

This cafe requires you to venture away from BU’s campus, but when you get there you can camp out with your books and laptop in a cozy setting. This cafe has true character, with records and art all over the walls. Comfy couches and chairs are all around this cafe. Farmer Horse Coffee is a great place to go if you are in need of some creative inspiration.


7. Render Coffee

Another lesser-known cafe, Render Coffee is cozy and has minimal seating, but they serve delicious coffee. Venturing to Boston’s beautiful South End also gives you a chance to explore a place that is drastically different than BU!


Although it can be hard to focus on studying, hopefully having a great place to work will make the experience a lot better. Remember to take some study breaks to treat yourself to a pastry — and don’t drink too much caffeine!