Best Boston Study Spots

Studying for hours on end isn’t an easy feat and sometimes you’ll just hit a wall. Something that I like to do when I just can’t seem to focus is switch locations. The travel time to the new spot gives me a little bit of break to clear my head and then I can settle in to a new area and start studying again. Here a few of my favorite spots:


1. Trident Booksellers & Café

Credit: Gillian’s Lists

This is one of my favorite study spots and is the perfect college-friendly space. The bookstore, located at the end of Newbury Street, has tons of seating in its restaurant, has low prices, and is open late. Their menu is super extensive and it’s super common for people to sit for hours at a table studying and chowing down. It’s important to remember to eat while finishing assignments or cramming for exams, and Trident makes it both easy and convenient.


2. Explorateur Café, Restaurant, and Bar

Credit: Twitter

This café is slightly more upscale but is a great study option if you’re looking to get far off campus. It’s located at the far end of the Boston Common and is kind of trek but, it’s worth it. They have long wooden tables with lamps and convenient outlets that encourage students to come in, grab a coffee, and settle in for an afternoon of homework. It gets busy quickly, so get there early in the day if you plan on snagging a seat.


3. Kenmore Starbucks

Credit: GeekWire

I’m a huge fan of Starbucks and their coffee in general but, the Kenmore Starbucks is also one of my fave places to study that’s on campus and not the library. It’s relatively quiet and has a bunch of seating options; it’s located in the basement of the building so it’s large and limits distractions from the street. It’s pretty easy to find a table and the service is great. Spot me there sipping an iced latte and studying in between classes!


4. Boston Public Library

Credit: Boston Magazine

So, I’m not usually one who likes to study in a super quiet setting (aka a library) but, the BPL isn’t like any other library. Mugar doesn’t even compare to the beauty that exists inside the public library’s walls. The long tables promote studying and the small lamps dimly light the large room, creating the perfect cozy atmosphere.


5. Panera Bread

Credit: Trip Advisor

Panera is the perfect place to feed both your body and your mind. Their food is super tasty and fairly priced while the atmosphere is welcoming and warm. The Panera in the Landmark Center isn’t too far off campus so it’s perfect for a weeknight when you just need a change of scenery. They also have a pretty extensive amount of space at this location so there are lots of seats. Grab a friend to join you on a study oriented adventure next time you’re craving food and looking to tackle a mountain of work!


Although some of these ideas might seem simple or self-explanatory, it’s easy to overlook them! Sometimes when it actually comes time to study, you’ll just stick with what you know (I get it, I’ve been there). Next time, take advantage of Boston and all it has to offer, even if it’s just a five minute walk to get Panera’s delish mac and cheese.


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